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Strengthen your relationship with your customers, and win together

The Logo CRM solution takes customer relations to a whole new dimension by allowing you to approach potential customers in the most appropriate manner, as well as providing deeper insights into your existing customer base. Covering every point of contact with the customer from field operations to campaign planning and hot sale processes, Logo CRM also enables the creation of a corporate memory within companies.

Thanks to Logo CRM, which also allows mobile use during the process beginning with the planning of customer meetings and extending towards the measurement of satisfaction after sales, it is possible to create a customer-oriented structure and as a result, establish a system that will directly affect profitability.

For beginners

The two most important assets of a business are its employees and its customers. Bringing these two assets together in a shared platform, Customer Relations Management (CRM) strengthens the relationship that employees, and thus the business, have with customers. Covering all customer-related processes from basic customer data to post-sales support, CRM enables businesses to get to know their customers better. 

By entering all information about the existing customer base in the system, a corporate memory is created, one that is based on accurate data and is automatically updated. Thus, information is retained even if teams change, making it possible to offer the same quality service to customers at all times.

Getting to know existing and potential customers better also facilitates campaigns, pricing, and planning of special opportunities. Integration of CRM with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) increases data accuracy, as well as improving the overall business processes of the company. 

Firms of all sizes from micro businesses to large businesses can regulate their customer relations using CRM, thus offering higher-quality service and increase brand loyalty.

When choosing a CRM solution, it is important to choose a structure that can integrate with ERP and meet current needs, and is flexible enough to meet future needs. If the application can be used in mobile environments as well, this would allow sales teams to respond to customer needs in real time.

Logo CRM 

Developed to suit the needs of businesses of all sizes, Logo CRM
allows sales and marketing teams or technical teams to organize all appointments, meetings, proposals, sales, business, and post sales processes. Integrated with Logo’s ERP Solutions, Logo CRM thus offers real time monitoring and reporting. With Logo CRM, which can also be used in mobile devices, sales teams can enter orders when they are still with the customer, or check inventory status and take orders accordingly.

Thanks to the Outlook integration offered by Logo CRM, it is possible to access every record of a customer who sends an email. These records can include many multiple items from previous contracts to details of orders. 

The Logo Notifier Service function of Logo CRM, which offers many features such as proposal preparation, customer visit management, and time management, and allows instant notification of transactions to be made. In short, Logo CRM serves both as an corporate memory for the company, and as a most effective supporter of sales.