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With comprehensive standard modules and optional additional modules of Logo’s ERP solutions for large businesses and holdings, you can manage all processes, from production to sales, in the most efficient manner possible.

The bigger a business is, the more robust its technology infrastructure needs to be. With an increase in business volume and the number of employees, efficient management and supervision of processes becomes more important than ever. Especially for large businesses in manufacturing or with a large network of dealers, the biggest assistance at this point is an ERP solution that was developed with the needs of different sectors in mind, that can be supported with additional applications, and offers a platform suitable for special configurations.

Developing custom solutions for large businesses to manage their business processes in a practical and efficient manner at a much lower cost, Logo spreads the idea of quality and efficiency throughout a business, starting with employees. Logo’s ERP solutions in this field provide multiple advantages such as achieving a flow of information between departments, streamlining complex business processes, and efficient management of customer relations. 


  • Rich business functions for all business processes
  • End-to-end management at a low cost
  • Application-specific to manufacturing processes
  • Tailor-made customization
  • Single point management of grouped companies

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