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With Logo ERP solutions developed specifically for medium-sized businesses, manage every resource in your business in the most efficient way possible, and select the modules that you need to gain cost advantages.

To manage processes effectively and to gain a competitive advantage, medium-sized businesses need more than accounting solutions. Regardless of their sector, every medium-sized business can have the potential to grow with the right technology investment. Therefore, these businesses need enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions that fit their current size and at the same time provide a flexible structure in line with their growth targets, with the ability to scale the number and scope of users over time. A medium-sized business that achieves cost savings and efficiency in its business processes with these solutions would have taken the first step towards growth.

With its wide range of solutions for medium-sized businesses, Logo offers solutions that meet the needs of businesses in all sectors from production to distribution, and from retail to service. Logo’s portfolio, which contains solutions that offer mobile as well as web-based usage, allows medium-sized businesses to achieve efficiency gains via a single point management of processes such as inventory, orders, sales, accounting, banking transactions, and customer information. 


  • Rich business functions for all business processes
  • End-to-end management at a low cost
  • Application-specific to manufacturing processes
  • Higher quality and increased efficiency
  • Customizable structure

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