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Logo believes that all employees are talented.

Human Resources various processes undergo continuous improvement to create work, projects, and training environments to bring out the potential of employees in their field of talent and offer custom career and talent development solutions to each employee.

The main objectives of our human resources policies are to keep employees highly motivated, improve their loyalty to the company for productive work, create an environment for sharing all sorts of ideas and opinions using the appropriate channels of communication in line with the principle of transparency, provide a comfortable and safe working environment to its employees, and to conduct fair evaluations.

Investing in human Capital is one of the main principles at Logo. Qualified and well-trained personnel form the foundation of Logo’s success. The company believes that high-quality products and services can only be produced by highly qualified and happy employees, and therefore cares about the growth and training of its employees. Success is rewarded in line with company goals. This approach makes it possible to have a turnover rate that is lower than the industry average, helping Logo gain a competitive edge in the long term in the software industry, where brain power reigns.

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Selection and placement

Seçme ve yerleştirme

Recruitment decisions are not based on gender, nationality, faith, ethnic origin, marital status, or sexual preferences, and evaluations are made on the basis of knowledge and experience within the framework of equal opportunity.

During the recruitment process, applications that are submitted via our Logo career portal, social media accounts, and various career portals are evaluated. Open positions are announced within the company, and employees’ recommendations regarding candidates are received. Students who intern at Logo are taken into account as a source of potential employees in the selection and placement process. The internship period and its impact are monitored by the managers or relevant departments, and reported to Human Resources. Interns with positive evaluations are included in the pool of candidates and are given priority consideration during the hiring process.

Using the applications received from every channel, a process of competency-based interviews is started for candidates that meet the criteria for the relevant position. After the interview process, run by Human Resources and the manager of the relevant department, appropriate tests are administered for measurement and evaluation.

The evaluation of interviews and test results is based on a good fit with the organizational culture, analytical thinking, creativity, subject matter expertise, and professional and technical knowledge. Further interviews are conducted with candidates who successfully complete the process, and offers are made.

Candidate applications who were not selected for the current position are saved for future position evaluation. All candidates are informed about the results of the job application process.

Internship at Logo

At Logo, intern opportunities are offered in summer. An announcement regarding internship applications is made in April of each year via career portals, through our website, and various universities in Turkey. Our internship program is open to students who have mandatory internship requirements. Students who would like to intern with our software team are first required to pass an online exam on technical topics. Students who are successful in this exam are then invited for interviews. Students who apply to other departments, on the other hand, are directly invited for interviews, and all students who successfully complete this process are given the opportunity to intern at Logo.

Organizational development

Professional training is provided for development, and methods such as being assigned to different projects and departments, are implemented.

New technologies are followed closely, and infrastructure is improved on a continuous basis in line with the objectives of providing employees with rapid access to resources, effective participation in management, and fast communication with customers.

Training programs are offered for the professional and personal growth of all employees, and technological changes and developing needs on the basis of organizational changes are reflected in training plans without delay. Because we operate in a sector that constantly keeps evolving in technological terms, technical training is very important for our company. Our training programs are designed on the basis of competencies, and the training process is complemented with various growth tools such as online courses, certificate programs, book, article, and web presentation recommendations, and participation in seminars and summits, in addition to in-class training.

In this context, we are offering a variety of training programs for Logo employees on the basis of personal growth and technical, functional, and administrative competencies, via our web-based learning platform, online in 2017, as part of our development process. Employees use computer or mobile applications to study training materials assigned to them on an individual basis.

Performance management and rewards system

Logo recognizes the importance of systematic and consistent monitoring of employee performance for employees’ career planning and development, and its performance system is based on the principle of rewarding superior performance.

Logo Performance Management System (Logo Force) allows monitoring the performance of both the entire organization and individual employees for relevant periods. The system allows for target and competency evaluations, whereby the results of target evaluations provide input to the performance-based bonus system, and the results of competency evaluations are used to feed Training and Career Management systems.

Performance evaluation revolves around growth, improvement, and feedback. Our goal is to help all of our employees realize their own potential, turn this realization into performance, and establish relationships inside the organization for superior performance.

Career and talent management

The industry requires being agile in terms of learning and adapting to change. The Career and Talent Management System is based on the idea of closely following and developing the business competencies of all employees.

The main principles during the process of employee career planning and development process are;

  • Raising personal awareness of employees and ensuring that they own the process.
  • Raising awareness of career paths.
  • Ensuring effective operation of feedback and cooperation mechanisms.

Internal communication

We hold various events throughout the year as part of the Employer Brand and Internal Communication process, and create environments where employees enjoy coming together. We publish a periodical internal communication bulletin, and hold briefing sessions by our CEO. We invite speakers to our offices on a monthly basis, and hold events to facilitate information sharing. We care about the ideas of our employees, receive their views via a “Feedback” system whereby employees can make suggestions directly to Human Resources, examine all the feedback received via the system, and plan activities and actions accordingly. We celebrate festivals, special days, and birthdays of our employees, and hold an annual vision meeting that brings together employees from all of our locations.

Compensation and benefits

Logo has a seniority, position and compensation system that covers every employee. The compensation and benefits policy takes into account employees’ competencies, duties and responsibilities, education, and work experience. The salaries of employees are updated on an annual basis, in line with the target positioning in the market and wage research, using the internationally accepted “Hay” system and taking intra-company considerations into account. Logo provides the following benefits to its employees:

  • Transportation


    Servis ağıyla çalışanların ulaşım sürecini güvenli ve kolay şekilde gerçekleştirmektedir.
  • Private health insurance

    Private health insurance

    All Logo employees are covered by health insurance fully paid for by the employer. Spouses and children of employees are also covered.
  • Individual retirement system

    Individual retirement system

    Employees can benefit from individual retirement with employer contributions.
  • GSM line and phone

    GSM line and phone

    Depending on their position, employees are issued GSM lines, phones and computers.
  • Company vehicle

    Company vehicle

    Company vehicles are provided to employees depending on their position.
  • Food card

    Food card

    Personnel working in regional sales offices are issued food cards.
  • Employee support program

    Employee support program

    Employees and their families can benefit from the Employee Support Program when they face situations in their business or personal lives that they find hard to deal with and that results in loss of time or have other adverse effects on their quality of life or efficiency at work. Employees can receive reliable support from experts over the phone on a 24/7 basis, or in face-to-face meetings, for 6 sessions a year.

Working at Logo

Being a member of the Logo family provides certain advantages to employees.

  • The discount package Log’extra provides Logo employees with discounts when they shop at designated stores of firms cooperating with Logo.
  • Logo +1 program provides cash rewards to employees for every candidate that they refer to the company and is successfully hired.
  • Employees who get married or have children receive gifts from the company.
  • All our employees have their birthdays off.

Careers at Logo

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