Logo Mind Informer is an application developed for mobile devices by Logo Yazılım Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. residing at "Gebze Organize Sanayi Bölgesi, Şahabettin Bilgisu Cad. No:609, Gebze/Kocaeli" ("Logo"). Use of Logo Mind Informer mobile application is subject to the following legal terms and the conditions of End User License Agreement ("License Agreement) specified between you and Logo. If you think that you will not fulfill the terms stated here or set forth in your License Agreement or will not satisfy the approval/permission conditions, please do not use this application.

  1. General Terms

As from the moment you begin to use the Logo Mind Informer mobile application, you will be granted right to use the application for commercial communication and commercial electronic message, and to access certain interfaces and functions provided within this application.

In order to use the functions of Logo Mind Informer mobile application, the current Logo Mind Informer account needs to be connected with the application for once.  You may consult your authorized Logo Business Partner to carry out this operation. This application cannot be used without valid Logo Mind Informer license key (User name and Password). You are directly responsible for protection, misuse or illegal and/or unauthorized use of the license key and all transactions made by using the license key. In case you lose the license key, learn that unauthorized third parties have captured it or you encounter a situation threatening your security, please notify Logo immediately.

  1. Your Information Collected by the Application

As an application developer, Logo undertakes to protect the confidentiality of user information, and respect the privacy of your personal data.

The confidentiality terms of Logo Mind Informer mobile application includes all the transactions within the scope of the application.

Logo Mind Informer mobile application may access to the information specified below and process the same in order to provide you or develop the services in the scope of the application or in order that you can benefit from the application more efficiently.

Information Provided Directly by You: It contains any and all contents and personal information uploaded on, saved to or transferred via Logo Mind Informer application by you. For example, your user name, password, e-mail address, and if it preferred to be used as integrated with application social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc.) and your accounts in communication applications (Skype, Facetime etc.).

Information Collected Automatically: As from you install the application to your device and begin to use it, the application may partially or wholly access the following information depending on its features:

  • Location information so that you can see the distance between you and the ones nearby and your customers,
  • Telephone details so that you can make a direct call to telephone numbers,
  • Photos/media/files so that you can add photograph to customer, product and support records,
  • Camera so that you can add pictures to your customer, product and support records, and if the application allows scan barcode and have a talk through Skype or Facetime,
  • Local storage information in order to back-up application settings, user and company images,
  • Contacts in order to add current account and telephone details  in the application to your phone,
  • Mobile notifications if the application supports the in-application notification feature,
  • Run permission at startup if the application transfers the data from the server through a service in the background,
  • Wi-Fi connection information if the application allows you to access data in your servers or to have a video talk through Skype or Facetime,
  • Microphone if the application has voice call and/or note taking feature,
  • Device ID and call information if the licensing is performed based on the device used,
  • Bluetooth details if the application allows to access to mobile printers and to print.

Utility Programs: It may be necessary to use utility programs to benefit from Logo Mind Informer application or some services provided by the application. In case of utilization the application and/or services, any data regarding your way and scope of utilization may be saved by the application. Likewise, some "cookies" may be utilized and some information may be sent to you by means of them so that you may easily benefit from the application.

  1. Your Personal Data

Personal data is any  information relating to an identified or identifiable natural  person. Your personal data may also be collected by Logo Mind Informer application with other information. For example, your personal data such as name, surname, address, birthday, IP information, location, e-mail address and telephone number etc. may be recorded in the application to benefit from any of the services under Logo Mind Informer application.

In case you disclose or record/save your personal data to the application, you will be deemed to accept that such data are accessible by and declassified for Logo. If the application allows and you choose to share your personal data with other users or third parties, you will be deemed to accept that any information and content you record/transmit is also deemed disclassify for other users and third parties.

Since it is obligatory to keep your personal data updated and correct pursuant to law, Logo needs your support to meet these conditions. Therefore, in case of any change in your personal data, you are requested to update the same.

  1. Intended Uses of Your Personal Data

Logo intends to provide the services regarding the Logo Mind Informer application to you in the most perfect way. Within this scope, Logo may use your personal data which you have uploaded on, recorded/saved to Logo Mind Informer application or any data collected by the application, in order to:

  • Provide and develop the services requested in scope of the application,
  • Provide an  experience depending on the user features and preferences,
  • Fulfill its obligations under the License Agreement,
  • Respond quickly to any questions and requests regarding the application,
  • Develop its customer services,
  • Give information and introduction about the application,
  • Contact with the user.


  1. Share of Your Personal Data

Logo may not sell or rent your personal data to third parties, organizations and institutions, however it may share the data under the following conditions.

Group Companies/Subsidiaries:  Logo may share your personal data with its group companies and subsidiaries to provide, improve, customize and promote the services in the scope of the Logo Mind Informer mobile application. Logo group companies or subsidiaries may use such information obtained from Logo to improve the services provided to you by them or determine the general user preferences.

Third Parties Enabling to Provide the Service: Logo Mind Informer mobile application may include additional foreign services, which are not owned and controlled by Logo, operated by third parties, or the application may give access to these services. In case you utilize such services, your personal data may be transferred to the specified third parties. Logo does not have any warranty or special commitment with respect to the content, convenience, security and privacy policies regarding such services accessed and that continuity of communication. The security and confidentiality conditions of the said companies are recommended to be read before taking any action.

Logo may get services such as hosting, service provider services etc. from third party organizations to provide the service to you ideally, and your data may be transferred to such organizations in the scope of the service.

Foreign: In accordance with applicable laws and with respect to Logo’s field of activity, your personal data may be transferred to third parties in Turkey and abroad , limited to the extent and the purposes specified in the Article 4 and in this article.

Governmental and Judicial Agencies: Logo may share any kind of information with the authorized governmental and judicial agencies in case it is deemed necessary to do so by the laws and in case a legally-binding request such as an order, award or judgment from relevant agencies is made.

  1. Sensitive Personal Data

Logo and Logo Mind Informer application do not request sensitive data such as racial or ethnic origin, religious/political/philosophical opinion, physical and mental health and characteristics from you unless it required by the laws. Logo does not have any liability since such information is given, recorded and disclosed by you.

  1. Your Rights on Your Personal Data

With respect to processing personal data, you have the right

  1. To learn whether your personal data is processed;
  2. To request information about your personal data is being processed;
  3. To learn the purpose of processing and whether the data are used for the intended purposes ;
  4. To learn the third parties with whom the data have been shared ;
  5. To request rectification in the event that your personal data processed incompletely and inaccurately ;
  6. To request erasure or destruction of any personal data if there is no valid reason any longer for retaining the data that had been collected lawfully;
  7. To request notification of transactions made upon requests under (IV) and (V) to third parties to whom the data have been transferred ;
  8. To object to any negative result against you arising from analysis of the processed data exclusively by automatic systems, and
  9. To request compensation of your damages if you suffered any damages due to illegal processing of your personal data.
  1. Commercial Communication:

Logo may send electronic messages or commercial electronic messages to any communication address which are recorded/saved in the Logo Mind Informer application or transmitted to Logo or recorded/made recorded in a sort of way. Regardless of whether it is of commercial nature, it is deemed that you grant permission/consent to send such electronic mails though all kinds of electronic communications in advance. You may always withdraw such previously given permission/consent and reject such electronic messages of commercial nature. Rejection requests are put into operation by Logo three (3) work days at the latest. Ways of rejection are indicated in electronic messages of which the sender is Logo.  

  1. Changes in Privacy Policy

Logo may change Privacy Policy or may add new/additional terms sometimes. Any changes in Privacy Policy shall be notified in Google Play Store. Therefore, it is recommended to check changes made in Privacy Policy regularly.

  1. Information and Communication:

For your suggestions and requests regarding Privacy Policy, personal data or Logo Mind Informer mobile application, you may contact to us by sending e-mail to [email protected].