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ERP Program - Enterprise Resource Planning

Get started easily, access from any place, at any time

 You can easily become a member of Logo’s cloud ERP service. You can start using it as soon as your membership starts, and access this service whenever, wherever you want.  

Create a cost advantage

The ERP service does not require any additional system or installation investments, meaning that all server and security costs are eliminated. These services are fully covered by Logo. 

Benefit from uninterrupted, up-to-date service 

Your ERP is always up to date with cloud technology! Your ERP system remains constantly up-to-date with the cloud computing infrastructure and you no longer need to deal with time-consuming version transitions. This makes it possible for your business to instantly adapt to any necessary changes and/or innovations without interruption. 

Ensure the security of your data 

There is no need to worry about the security of your data. As part of the cloud service offered, Logo protects and secures your data against any malicious attempts. Thanks to disaster recovery scenarios designed as a precautionary measure against unexpected situations, data loss is prevented and applications will work without interruption. 

Quickly respond to the needs of your business 

With cloud ERP, Logo offers various package options that can be customized and scaled based on the needs of any sized business. Each package can be enhanced with additional functions, and the number of users can be determined depending on business requirements. Additionally, the ERP service can be adapted according to the performance needs of your business, and when your workload increases, the system automatically increases its performance.


  • Effective stock and cost tracking

    Stock control becomes easier with the cloud ERP service, which classifies products and materials of the business and monitors stock status. Profitability is always kept under control since the current costs of products are also tracked through the ERP service.

  • Convenient purchasing, sales and ordering processes

    The most critical items within the operational processes of a business such as purchasing and sales offers, as well as ordering processes, can be easily managed and tracked end-to-end with the ERP service. Effortlessly create purchasing and sales offers and orders to alleviate workloads and eliminate any human-induced errors.

  • Instant accounting

    All transactions in the cloud ERP service are instantly accounted for. This way, all transactions are processed in the relevant accounts, without the need for additional manual follow-up by accounting staff.

  • Comprehensive payment and collection management

    The ERP service makes it possible to monitor and manage all payments and collections resulting from transactions regarding current accounts, banks, safes, checks/promissory notes, credit, etc. Thus, instant tracking and analysis of financial positions and business cash flow can be made. In addition, transactions in foreign currency can be tracked swiftly and easily with the ERP service.

  • Product range management with advanced materials management

    Thanks to the Advanced Materials Management of the ERP service, which offers exclusive advantages to all businesses, various breakdowns of variants can be created for products and different features or feature groups can be defined. This way, product ranges can be easily managed. In addition to Advanced Materials Management and product range management, it is possible to compare physical and real stocks following the inventory transactions and distribute costs effortlessly.

  • Fast production function

    Thanks to the rapid production made by businesses, monitoring of production processes becomes easier. The cloud ERP service automatically creates material receipts for product and material lines. It also makes the creation of special receipts for disassembly operations possible.

  • Efficient management of fixed assets

    The ERP service not only monitors the income-expense balance in business operations, but also provides efficient management of fixed assets. This feature, which defines and groups movable/immovable assets in separate categories according to their properties, monitors all activities of fixed assets from entry to exit from the business and allows for depreciation valuation.

  • Effective budget management and analysis capability

    With the ERP service, an unlimited number of budgets can be created for each new budget period. The determined budget can be revised quickly and easily according to the changes throughout the year. At the end of the budget period, the planned budget and the actual budget can easily be compared.

  • Advanced financial transactions

    The ERP service offers advanced financial services by enabling the management of investment instruments such as funds, stocks, futures, and factoring, leasing and bond transactions, as well as operational accounting transactions of businesses.

  • Monitoring of foreign trade operations

    Import and export businesses can monitor their loans, dispatch and expense transactions, material movements and purchase-sales transactions through our cloud ERP.

  • Full compliance with e-Transformation processes

    All applications provided with e-Transformation can work in an integrated way with the ERP service. All electronic applications from e-Invoice to e-Ledger can be optionally added to the cloud ERP.

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the advantages of having an ERP program in the cloud?

    You can start using the cloud ERP service quickly and easily without any installation or investment costs. The service can be customized and scaled according to your needs. Users can access the system whenever, wherever they want. The server and security costs of the system are covered by Logo, and your data is securely protected at all times. Thanks to cloud technology, the ERP service always remains up-to-date, enabling businesses to instantly adapt to any necessary changes or innovations.

  • Who can use the ERP service?

    All businesses that aim to manage their operational processes in a more effective and efficient way can benefit from the cloud ERP service. Businesses of all sizes can aim to stay one step ahead of the competition by benefiting from the advantages of safely using the cloud ERP system and service. 

  • How can I start using the ERP service?

    After signing up for the ERP service on, you can use the trial version first, then purchase the product if you are satisfied with your experience. Alternatively, you can start your subscription by purchasing the service directly without using the trial version if preferred.

  • Does the ERP service offer a free trial period?

    For all products offered as part of Logo cloud services, users are offered a 14-day free trial period before purchasing. You can start your trial period by clicking the “14 day free trial” link on the page of the relevant service without providing your credit card information. You can use your preferred option among the cloud ERP packages for free for 14 days. 

  • How can I find the most suitable subscription option for my business when purchasing the ERP service?

    Cloud ERP service has packages that differ in content according to monthly and annual payment options. By accessing the package prices on, you can purchase the package that best suits your needs and start using it right away.

  • Can the selected cloud ERP package be improved with additional features?

    Yes, you can improve the package you choose with additional functions that suit your needs.  

  • What is the maximum number of ERP service users?

    By determining the number of users depending on your needs, you can purchase the package you want, according to the number of users you want to add.

  • How can I back up my data in the ERP service?

    Your data is automatically backed up and securely stored by Logo. You can also export the data you need to Excel.

  • What is the data security level provided by the ERP service?

    As part of the cloud service offered, Logo protects and secures your data against any malicious attempts. Thanks to disaster recovery scenarios designed as a precaution against unexpected situations, data loss is prevented and applications continue working without interruption.