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Account activities can be recognized with a single key through e-Extract which enables the transfer of all banking transactions in the international MT940 format.

Time and labor savings                                      
Thanks to the transfer of the account activity statements created in the international electronic account statement format, MT940, directly to ERP through e-Extract, significant time and labor savings are achieved.  

Operational efficiency                                                     
Thanks to the transfer of account activities at every bank to ERP easily and accurately, without any restrictions, operational processes can be managed more effectively via e-Extract.

Compatibility with all banks
The e-Extract solution transfers the account statement of any bank in the MT940 format, regardless of the bank and enables such statements to be recognized.


  • Fully integrated infrastructure

    Thanks to e-Extract which is fully integrated with the Logo j-Platform, Logo Tiger ERP, Logo Netsis ERP and Logo GO 3 solutions, banking transactions are saved in the ERP system without having to open another screen.

  • Easy to use

    With e-Extract, banking transactions can be selected individually or collectively, account activities can be reviewed on a single screen, and information can be easily updated.

  • Flexible working structure

    In e-Extract, any transaction can be saved as a different type of receipt. Therefore, flexibility and convenience are achieved easily in business processes by identifying a separate accounting code for each type of transaction.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is e-Extract?

    e-Extract enables account statements in the MT940 format (international electronic account statement format) to be entered into the ERP system and recognized with a single key. With e-Extract, you can import all your bank account activities into your ERP system without any bank restrictions.

  • What are the advantages of e-Extract (MT940)?

    - Saves time, minimizes error margins.

    - Facilitates the tracking of account activities.

    - Account statements are easily transferred to the ERP system with one key.

    - e-Extract automatically saves account statements in the ERP system under appropriate types of receipts such as Bank Transaction receipts, Money Transfer/EFT receipts. A separate accounting code can be defined for each type of transaction.

    - Account activities can be reviewed, changed and saved on a single screen.

    - Different types of receipts such as credit card collection, check collection payment, POS statement can be imported.

  • How can you benefit from the e-Extract (MT940) application?

    Account statements in the MT940 format, which you can easily import into the ERP system with a single key from an FTP address or a specified folder, can be saved in the ERP system under appropriate types of receipts such as Bank Transaction receipts, Money Transfer/EFT receipts without any bank restrictions. Therefore, data received from banks in the MT940 format can also be imported into the system. You can identify which transactions will be saved under what types of receipts, without any bank restrictions, and create a separate accounting code for each type of transaction. You can also select your transactions in bulk and transfer them to your ERP system in one go.

    Using a compatible ERP version, and purchasing the e-Extract (MT940) and a prepaid package without paying any activation fee would be sufficient for you to start taking advantage of the application.