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With Logo Netsis 3 Entegre, SMEs effectively manage all their business processes, from production and ordering to accounting records and bank data, from a single point.

Management from a single point

Thanks to the innovative technology of Logo Netsis 3 Entegre, SMEs are able to easily manage all their business processes including accounting, basic production, supply chain, finance, sales, stock and reporting, from a single point.

Cost and competitive advantage 

Businesses using Logo Netsis 3 Entegre significantly reduce their costs by saving time and labor, thanks to end-to-end management.  


  • Higher financial performance

    The critical financial functions of Logo Netsis 3 Entegre include enabling instant access to accurate and up-to-date information on business processes, strengthening the decision-making mechanism and improving financial performance.

  • Personalized desktops and interfaces

    All employees are able to save time and effort by placing the shortcuts of the functions, modules, screens, processes or reports they need the most for their jobs, on the Logo Netsis 3 Entegre desktop. In addition, forms included in Logo Netsis 3 Entegre can be customized on a user basis without having to know the programming language. New fields can be added to these forms and searches can easily be performed through lists in these fields.

  • Comprehensive modules

    Designed considering all the business process requirements of companies, Logo Netsis 3 Entegre offers a rich scope with various modules and applications such as Banks, Fixed Asset Management, Sales Representative Tracking, Production, Serial/Lot Tracking, Reports and General Accounting.    

  • Scope enriched with additional applications

    In addition to the standard features in Logo Netsis 3 Entegre, applications developed by Logo and the Logo Solution Partners can be downloaded from Logo Store and added to the program. In addition, applications customized with NetOpenX can be coded for different requirements and business-specific needs, and used with Logo Netsis 3 Entegre.

  • Windows shortcuts on desktop

    In addition to the frequently used office programs like Excel and Word, the shortcut of any other application can be added to the Logo Netsis 3  Entegre desktop. This means that all transactions can be managed from a single screen without the need to switch between windows to use other applications while the program is being used.

  • Special shortcut for report (.nrp) files

    Files with the .nrp extension, which are prepared and saved in the Report module of Logo Netsis 3 Entegre, can be added to the desktop as shortcuts. This allows reports to be accessed quickly. 

  • Module-independent use of forms

    Transactions can be performed faster as the screens of the different modules of Logo Netsis 3 Entegre can be opened and monitored simultaneously.

  • Virtual keyboard and mobile compatibility

    With the virtual keyboard feature of Logo Netsis 3 Entegre, all operations can also be easily performed on touch screen laptops. 

  • Quick search feature

    Every module, screen, report, and transaction information can be accessed quickly by using the Search button in the toolbar.

  • Capability of changing fonts

    The header fonts and font sizes of the desktop shortcuts can be changed.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can the actions of users in the program be recorded and reported?

    It can be ensured that the transactions recorded in selected tables are reported as required by activating the log application via the Log module.

  • Can I use the Logo Netsis 3 Entegre package to manage my import/export applications?

    The Import / Export application is available as optional in our Logo Netsis 3 Entegre product.

  • I would like to track the fixtures in my company, which SME solution can I use?

    You can use our Logo Netsis 3 Integrated Pro SME solution for Fixed Asset Management.

  • I don't want to sell to a customer anymore when the risk limit that I created for that customer is reached, how can I perform this check?

    The desired scenario can be realized by using the Risk Monitoring application.

  • Can I perform foreign currency transactions in Logo Netsis 3 Entegre?

    Foreign currency transactions can be performed in Logo Netsis 3 Entegre after the required currency definitions are made and the related parameter is opened.

  • Which package should I use to track my accounting receipts?

    You can use our Logo Netsis 3 Integrated Pro SME solution.

  • How can I define the bar codes of my stocks?

    The fixed card of a stocked item includes three barcodes. In addition, barcodes can be defined based on stocks through our Stock Barcode Records screen.

  • Can we define schedules of materials when we purchase Logo Netsis 3 Entegre or Logo Netsis 3 Entegre Pro?

    Schedules of materials are available optionally in our Logo Netsis 3 Entegre and Logo Netsis 3 Entegre Pro products.

  • How can I track the sales amounts per salesperson?

    You can enter this information on the basis of documents by opening the sales representative application.

  • Can I track my work orders with Logo Netsis 3 Entegre Pro?

    Tracking of work orders are available optionally in the Logo Netsis 3 Entegre and Logo Netsis 3 Entegre Pro solutions.