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By ensuring that payments are collected in time, LogoPay makes it possible to run collection processes efficiently, and improves cash flow.

Thanks to its practical infrastructure, LogoPay offers an alternative payment method, allowing timely collection of payments from customers and dealerships. With its ease-of-use, LogoPay simplifies collection processes and allows collecting large amounts.

Who Can Use LogoPay?
All firms that would like to run their collection processes in a more institutionalized and professional manner can use LogoPay.


  • Advantageous Collection of Large Amounts

    Create a specific collections page for the payments of your dealerships and business partners to allow your customers to make instant payments. Receive timely payments, and increase collection amounts with the option of installment payments. Manage your collection processes in a more institutionalized and professional manner by offering alternative payment methods with credit cards or ATM cards.

  • Easy to use

    Thanks to the practical collection infrastructure of LogoPay, allow your customers to make instant credit card payments using the e-Invoices, e-Archive invoices, and reconciliation letters. Moreover, your customers can save their card information in the LogoPay infrastructure to facilitate their future payments.

  • Secure

    With a VISA-approved infrastructure compliant with the PCI DSS Level 1, the highest global standard in credit card data and transaction security, allow your users to complete their payments securely.

  • Time Savings

    Achieve time savings by simplifying your collection processes.