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Logo Payroll heralds in a new era for payroll processes!

Direct use without initial investment 

With Logo Payroll, which has no set-up costs as it is a cloud-based system that requires no additional hardware such as servers, you can start payroll transactions straight away with either a monthly or annual subscription. As it is a cloud-based system, there are no costs for hardware maintenance. 

Secure usage with Logo expertise

With the Logo brand, which uses the latest technologies for cloud solutions and gets smarter each day, your data is always in safe hands on the cloud platform. This ensures that there are no security vulnerabilities in the Logo Payroll, such as data loss or disclosure to unauthorized persons. 


  • Convenient payroll processing

    Logo Payroll manages all payroll processes in an integrated way with functions such as employee management, organization management, leave management, company integrations, support for payroll simulation, flexible reporting and easy transfer which enables easier and faster processing of time-consuming payroll transactions.

  • Compliance with relevant legislation

    With a cloud-based structure and Logo’s compliance with the latest regulations, Logo Payroll immediately adapts to any legal changes in payroll processes. Thanks to this agile adaptation capability, users can always be sure that they work in accordance with the latest regulations and encounter no legal issues. Logo Payroll also keeps you on the right legal pathway with regards to the management of incentives and benefits. Furthermore, Logo Payroll works in full integration with formal state organizations such as the Social Security Institution and the Ministry of Finance, allowing for the systematic reception and communication of notifications such as staff hires, terminations of employment, and withholding tax returns.

  • Access via mobile or fixed devices

    With uninterrupted online access to Logo Payroll, which can be used on desktops, laptop computers, tablets or smartphones, employees, HR managers and their teams can perform operations anywhere, any time they wish.

  • Organization management tailored to companies

    The organization management function of Logo Payroll can categorize the organizational structure of a company hierarchically according to legal, regional, administrative, financial divisions or similar categories. In this way, HR teams can easily create sophisticated and detailed organizational charts, follow up these charts on the basis of dates and undertake searches within the charts.

  • Supporting HR teams with employee management

    With Logo Payroll, you will spend less time on time-consuming processes which require regular follow-up like the registration of new employees, promotions, leave processes and staff information. Logo Payroll can help identify employees with quick entry of data, and makes it easy to follow up on amended data afterwards. The system provides a thorough overview of all staff information in the format of charts and graphs, saving HR teams’ and management’s time while boosting efficiency.

  • Convenient payment and budget management

    Income, deductions, and scorecard calculations etc. of employees, depending on their position and job description in the organization, are easily made on Logo Payroll which is built on sound formulations. The individual or collective processing of scorecards and similar transactions speeds up the process of calculating premiums and incentives. Also, the entire payment and budget management is simplified thanks to Logo Payroll’s automatic updating of changes to employee pay regulations. Payment orders for employees via the bank can also be created via the system. Logo Payroll’s wage simulation wizards can also create alternative scenarios based on estimated wage increases, benefits, new hires or employment terminations for the future periods. This ensures that costs can be predicted and more efficient budgets can be created.

  • Management of leave processes via the employee portal

    Planning for leave periods is now much more simple with Logo Payroll that allows for easy entry and monitoring of upcoming leave periods on the system. While you get a complete overview of leave periods on a calendar, you can also manage processes like calculation of remaining leave days, shifts, compassionate leave etc.

    Also, employees can ask to take a leave of absence via Logo Payroll’s employee portal, which managers can approve on the same portal.

  • Effective reporting

    Logo Payroll ensures that all data is stored securely, and converts such data into sophisticated and detailed reports. In addition to reports like horizontal payrolls, extracts etc. it also allows the creation of reports in as much detail as needed, thanks to its easily defined parameters and flexible options.

  • Easy configuration with wizards

    Logo Payroll’s configuration wizards allow the solution to be configured according to specific requirements. Modules, organizational units, workplaces, incomes and deductions are specified and established within minutes. Also, sections that are not used are dimmed on the screen, creating a simpler user interface for users, which greatly increases processing speed and ease of use.

  • Support services with Logo’s assurance

    Logo’s expert team of specialists are there to support you at all stages, from the purchase of Logo Payroll to system configuration or with any questions you may have concerning usage! Our competent support team offers quick and solution-oriented answers to any questions related to Logo Payroll.

  • User-friendly design

    Developed with new technologies based on ease of use, the aesthetically pleasing desktop design of Logo Payroll is easy on the eyes and allows you to access all the information you want quickly and easily. Users of Logo Payroll can customize their desktops, allowing them to only work strictly with the menus they need. Thanks to the fact that users can be assigned different levels of authorizations, every HR employee or company staff member can only access data that concerns them.

Frequently asked questions

  • Since Logo Payroll is a cloud-based service, where is the data stored and how is security ensured?

    Using the latest cloud technologies and the servers in Turkey, Logo looks after your data all the time. This ensures that there are no security vulnerabilities in the Logo Payroll, such as data loss or disclosure to unauthorized persons.

  • How can I purchase Logo Payroll?

    Because Logo Payroll is a cloud-based service (SaaS), you can get a monthly/annual subscription depending on your choice of subscription model. You can visit to find out more about our subscription options.

  • How do you charge Logo Payroll services?

    Charges for Logo Payroll services are determined on the basis of number of current employees whose payrolls will be calculated. You can start your subscription with employee-based monthly or annual payment options with your credit card, independently of the user.

  • What should I do first as a new user of Logo Payroll?

    Firstly, you should use the Payment Configurator and Organizational Configurator Wizard to select the clusters of information you wish to use actively, such as organizational unit, incentive, wage, and deduction definitions. Following your selection, functions you will not be using actively will not be displayed on the screen.

  • Do I have to manually update changes to legal parameters or professional codes?

    Legal information concerning payroll calculation such as the minimum wage, income tax rate and SSI cap rate are automatically updated at the time of their announcement. Changes to professional codes are also automatically updated and incorporated into the system. So you don’t need to do any manual updates.

  • We have a lot of offices. Can these be transferred from Excel to Logo Payroll?

    Workplace data can be exported from Excel via templates that can be created with the software.

  • What does payment mean in Logo Payroll?

    A new payment is created from the Payments menu to create scorecards in Logo Payroll. When creating payments, it should be determined for which employees scorecards are to be created or wages and deductions to be included in the scorecards. As a result, scorecards are automatically created according to the specified restrictions.

  • Can scorecard data be transferred from Excel?

    Scorecard data can be exported from Excel via templates that can be easily created with the software. This way, you can create new scorecards or make changes to current scorecards if you wish.

  • Can I create more than one scorecard for one person for the same month/period?

    Yes, you can get payroll envelopes or horizontal payrolls for a single payment or for multiple payments.

  • Can I calculate deductions, subsistence allowances, severance and notice pay, private pension deductions etc. with Logo Payroll?

    Yes, you can create the necessary formulas using the configurator wizards, and get seniority pay, notice pay calculations etc. automatically. You can get help from the Logo team if you need support.

  • Does Logo Payroll support the R&D legislation and the actual service legislation?

    Yes, with Logo Payroll you can prepare scorecards in accordance with the R&D and Technopark R&D legislation and get R&D reports. When determining wages, you should only specify what wages are subjected to the days of actual service.

  • How is private insurance implemented?

    Income in kind applies to social security benefits, such as private health insurance or personal retirement insurance paid by the employer and other benefits that come with income tax exemptions. Deductions from which such incomes are exempt are stated when defining the incomes. Income tax and SSI exemptions are automatically calculated for the amounts entered into the scorecard within the legal limits without the need for separate transactions. For private health insurance paid in person by the employee, the income tax reduction can be calculated on the scorecard, specified as an exemption.

  • How is data for specific terms created?

    Data for the terms are created by the software. No manual interventions are required.

  • Can employee data be transferred from Excel?

    Yes, it can. All data of employees (e.g. wage, job assignment, applicable law number, etc.) stored on the system over a period of time can also be transferred by entering individual start dates of validity.

  • Can payroll envelopes be sent by e-mail?

    Yes, when the payroll envelope is created on the screen, it can be sent to the employee’s e-mail address with the “Send as an E-Mail” option.

  • How can I register my payrolls as journal vouchers in my ERP system?

    With the Cost Center Distribution Report under Payment Management, you can view in Excel file format how your revenues and deductions are distributed to the accounting account codes defined on the basis of cost centers. You can transfer the file to your ERP system.

  • Can I follow up on all leave types in Logo Payroll, apart from annual leave?

    Under the Time-Attendance Management section, you can define an unlimited number of paid and unpaid leave.

  • Can I use wage simulation only for a specific department?

    You can create simulations for all your employees or for only one or more organizational units.

  • Can wages be simulated only for our current employees?

    In addition to your current employees, you can also include an estimated number of additional employees in the simulation historically with various wages or create wage simulations with fewer employees.

  • Are there any restrictions on the dates of the simulation?

    Simulation start and end dates are flexible. Simulations can be run for monthly or quarterly periods, halfway through the period or the full year.