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Developed for Turkcell corporate customers who have field sales operations, Logo Turkcell Services allows easy management and map tracking of field teams and sending of SMS messages.

Time and cost savings  
With Logo Turkcell Services, transactions such as batch invoice transfer, sending bulk SMS messages, and sending smart fax messages, provides time and cost savings.


  • Batch invoice transfer

    The OTP (One Time Password) feature can be used in their work flow processes, and invoices issued by Turkcell can be transferred to the system in batches. 

  • Smart fax integration

    With integration between Logo products and Turkcell’s Smart Fax product, documents to be faxed can be directly sent from within the Logo product, providing savings in fax devices, cartridges, and paper-related expenses. In addition, the need for physical archiving is eliminated as all faxes are saved in Turkcell Smart Cloud. Reconciliation and BA-BS reconciliation letters, current account, bank account, and accounting account statements (Subsidiary Ledger Details), and all forms (invoice, dispatch, receipt, etc.) and reports (statements, lists) can be sent via Logo as well. 

  • Online Turkcell invoice transfer

    Thanks to the Turkcell Services offered by Logo, service invoices sent by Turkcell do not need to be entered into the system. Via a user-defined template, all Turkcell invoices can be transferred to the system with a single click.  

  • Mobile approval systems

    Using the mobile signature or SMS approval solution, you can receive online approvals within the company in a secure manner instead of using wet signatures, reducing your paper costs.

  • SMS approval

    For transactions that do not require a wet signature but do need to proceed with security or with the approval of authorized personnel, SMS Approval option of Logo Turkcell Services can be used. This speeds up business processes.  

  • Sending bulk messages

    Using the Bulk Messages feature for Logo Turkcell Services, businesses can send bulk messages to their employees, customers, and suppliers from a single point. The Mobile Information/Survey feature, on the other hand, allows creation of promotional materials, market research conduction, and receiving quick feedback from customers. 

  • Team Mobile application

    With the Team Mobile application, businesses that work with field teams can track their field teams on a map, assign the closest personnel to an address that needs to be visited, and send SMS messages to mobile employees. This allows better coordination and management of field teams and mobile personnel.

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