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Talent Management puts emphasis on not just employees but also talent in accordance with today’s human resources trends. It unites services such as training, and performance and survey management on a single cloud platform.

Aligns with human resources trends

First of all, the Logo Talent Management Service forms a talent pool, giving you more access to a qualified workforce. It then creates a learning path for your employees to help you manage their development. This is followed by process-based performance management.

No initial fee. Choose a package and only use the features you like.

The Logo Talent Management Service has no installation cost as it is a cloud-based service and does not require additional hardware such as servers. Furthermore, it offers four different packages to suit your needs with both monthly and annual subscription options. For more information, visit our Logo Cloud page.


  • Single-point management of HR processes

    The Logo Talent Management Service provides a single platform for managing human resources processes such as training management, performance management, and survey management for your current workforce.

  • Creating a learning path for talented employees

    Using our platform, you can create a learning path informed by different learning methods and allow your talented employees to choose the most suitable way of learning for their development. Our platform also enables you to assign tasks and provide training as well as content for different learning paths.

  • Interacting with talent through the employee portal

    The Logo Talent Management Service allows all employees to plan their training and performance schedule through its employee portal. In addition, company announcements and employee-specific goals can be shared on the portal to help motivate talented employees.

  • Flexible performance management system

    The platform ensures that managers and employees are continuously in touch by carrying out performance assessments at the end of the year and in interim periods, as determined by the HR and managers with its performance assessment system.

  • Support services powered by the Logo brand

    Logo’s expert team of specialists are there to provide support at all stages, from the purchase of Talent Management System to system configuration or with any questions you may have concerning usage. Our expert support team is ready to give you support at all stages.

  • User-friendly design

    The Talent Management Service, developed with next-generation technologies to offer convenient use, allows easy access to all screens with its user-friendly menu. Furthermore, as users can be assigned different levels of authorizations, every HR employee or company staff member can only access data that is relevant to their role.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is Talent Management?

    Talent management is headhunting qualified and eminent candidates to fill certain roles within the company and including them in appropriate onboarding processes to complete their employment process.

  • Since the Talent Management Service is a cloud-based service, where is the data stored?

    Using the latest cloud technologies and the servers in Turkey, Logo looks after your data all the time. This ensures that there are no security vulnerabilities compromising the Logo Talent Management Service, such as data loss or disclosure to unauthorized persons.

  • How can I purchase the Talent Management Service?

    To use the Logo Talent Management Service, subscribe to our monthly or annual plans. Subscribe to the most suitable plan for you. You can upgrade your plan anytime. 

  • How is the Talent Management Service Priced?

    The Logo Talent Management Service is priced according to the number of active employees in the system. The service offers four different monthly and annual subscription plans. Prices of the subscription plans vary according to the services that the plans include.

  • What programs can the Talent Management Service be integrated with?

    The Logo Talent Management Service can be integrated with Logo’s cloud-based service Logo Payroll.