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Take advantage of the Logo expertise in all processes from ERP to human resources to stand out from the intense competition in the automotive industry!

The Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry includes many companies of different scales, which, in turn intensifies competition. Issues such as the simplification of production processes, improvement of quality management, efficient management of human resources, and full compliance with legislation are factors that provide a competitive advantage to industry companies. Logo's comprehensive portfolio ranging from ERP to warehouse management and CRM solutions, provides competitive advantages to all industry enterprises, whether they are producers or dealers. 

Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

Manage your resources end-to-end from one point

Manage your resources end-to-end from one point

Logo ERP solutions enable enterprises of all sizes and industries to centrally manage all their data and business processes end-to-end. Enterprises achieve more efficiency through Logo ERP which provides visibility, effective control and data reliability in all operations from production and purchase to foreign trade and sales. Automating operational processes, ERP also significantly reduces workload and provides time and cost savings. With Logo ERP solutions, more efficient business processes improve employee satisfaction, and more efficient management of processes improve customer satisfaction.

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Warehouse management systems (WMS)

Achieve cost and time savings, and improve customer satisfaction by managing your warehouse processes effectively.

The Warehouse management system plays a key role in the integrated management of the entire value chain, from production to sales. Thanks to integrated and automated warehouse management, the costs of enterprises are reduced while their efficiency increases. The Logo Ocean and Logo Neon solutions in Logo's Warehouse management system portfolio manage the flow of materials, information and money in an integrated manner in every enterprise that engages in warehouse management. The warehouse processes are therefore improved, and the right product can be offered at the right time, at the right place and at the right price. This in turn, improves service quality and customer satisfaction. 

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Field sales management

Increase sales efficiency while meeting customer demands in the best way possible with the Logo Mobile sales field sales management solution.

In businesses which carry out their sales operations through field sales teams, the effective and efficient operation of these teams directly affect the profitability of the company. Developed for this purpose, the Logo mobile sales field sales management solution enables companies to manage customer demands and sales operations in the best way possible. Thanks to the instant customized reporting capability of the solution, sales teams are able to create reports and share them with customers during meetings, and are thus able to guide sales decisions more accurately. Also providing coordination between the warehouse and the sales teams, the solution allows processes to be carried out optimally based on instant stock information. At the moment of sale, invoices can be printed from anywhere, at any time through Bluetooth-connected printers. In addition to all this, the costs of the field sales operations are also reduced thanks to advantages such as the ability to plan the routes of the sales teams at the center and the ability to effectively track vehicles. 

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Workflow management

Manage your business safely with digital workflows

Controlling the processes which are carried out at different points of the business contributes significantly to business efficiency. All business processes are created, followed up and finalized completely in the digital environment through the Logo Workflow Management solution. As a result, workflows are more efficient and smooth; standardization is improved throughout the enterprise, and costs and losses are reduced.

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Business analytics

Turn your data into meaningful ınformation for your company

The data generated during business operations, but which does not make any sense on its own, is transformed into meaningful and useful information thanks to the business analytics solutions. The Business Analytics Solutions portfolio offered by Logo enables the visualization, analysis and reporting of all data collected by businesses. This portfolio also includes budgeting solution. Therefore, companies that benefit from the Logo Business Analytics Solutions are looking at the future more confidently with data-based decisions.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Strengthen your relationship with your customers, and win together

The Logo CRM solution takes customer relations to a whole new dimension by allowing you to approach potential customers in the most appropriate manner, as well as providing deeper insights into your existing customer base. Covering every point of contact with the customer from field operations to campaign planning and hot sale processes, Logo CRM also enables the creation of a corporate memory within companies.

Thanks to Logo CRM, which also allows mobile use during the process beginning with the planning of customer meetings and extending towards the measurement of satisfaction after sales, it is possible to create a customer-oriented structure and as a result, establish a system that will directly affect profitability.

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Human resources management (HRM)

Make the Right Decisions for Your Company with Logo Human Resources Solutions

Handling all human resources processes, from recruitment and performance evaluations, to leave monitoring and side benefits as a whole, from a single point provides savings in labor, time and costs to enterprises. Developed in line with this goal, Logo Human Resources Management solutions meet all the requirements of HR departments.

With a modular structure that can be customized based on specific requirements, the Logo Human Resources Management solutions allow human resources to be managed quicker with greater flexibility with either built-in or web-based options of use.

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  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

    The Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry is an industry that needs to be carefully managed from end to end, due to the diversity of the product components, the high-volume mass production and the large workforce. In this industry, it is necessary to get support from automation and to centrally manage many processes ranging from production planning and sales forecasting to material management optimization and cost accounting, to minimize human-based errors. Including all the functions required by the industry, the Logo ERP solutions provide end-to-end productivity to the companies in the Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry.  

  • Customer Relations Management (CRM)

    The Logo CRM solution takes customer relations to a whole new dimension by allowing companies to approach their potential customers in the most appropriate manner, while providing deeper insights into their existing customer base. Logo CRM provides great benefits for maintaining effective relationships with both local and international customers in the Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry. Covering every point of contact with the customer, from field operations to campaign planning and hot sale processes, Logo CRM also enables the creation of a corporate memory.

  • Human Resources Process Management

    Employees are as important as customers for a business to maintain its existence. Managing the entire HR process effectively from a single point has a positive impact on the overall business efficiency, particularly in industries such as the Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry where blue-collar and white-collar employees work together, and comprehensive human resources, from production teams to sales staff are available. Logo's rich Human Resources Management solutions for diverse needs are constantly developed and updated, according to changing requirements and regulations.  

  • Payroll Management

    Logo stands out with its special solutions for payroll operations which are labor-intensive and time-consuming. Logo Payroll Management solutions allow payroll transactions of industry companies to be performed quickly and accurately, thereby reducing operational costs.

  • Workflow Management

    The lean and systematic organization of all processes in businesses operating in the Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry is crucial. Therefore, the processes need to be expedited through strong communication and supervision at any point from production and supply chain, to export and finance management. The Logo Flow Workflow Management solution enables companies to quickly transfer various processes in production, planning, logistics, finance and administrative affairs to the electronic environment and manage them. 

  • Data Analysis and Reporting

    Consumer behavior is of great importance in the Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry. Therefore, data-based analyses and reports on many topics ranging from gender-based automobile color preferences and model selections based on age groups, to the most frequently failing spare parts and the location-based distribution of the most preferred car accessories, provide critical information for industry enterprises. The data analysis and reporting solutions offered by Logo enables the visualization, analysis and reporting of all data collected by companies. Hence, companies in the industry look to the future more confidently with data-based decisions. 

  • Budget Management

    With Logo Mind Budget, it is possible to analyze all data such as data on products, imports, exports, customer activities, transaction intensity and operational expenses from a budgetary point of view.  Hence, the budget management of the enterprises in the industry is facilitated and expedited while budgets for the following periods are prepared with more reliable estimates.

  • Warehouse Management System

    The efficient management of warehouses of the businesses operating in the Automotive and Automotive Supply Industry with high volumes of work and stock is critical for planning the production process, as well as improving customer satisfaction by enhancing logistical processes. The Logo Warehouse Management System portfolio, which can be used by any company in the industry, improves the production planning and logistics processes by ensuring the efficient management of warehouses. 

  • Field Sales Management

    Enabling the mobile management of hot and cold sales processes via smart phones and tablets by checking the product diversity and stocks in real-time, Logo Mobile Sales increases sales efficiency and allows customer demands to be met in the best way possible. 

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