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Increase sales efficiency while meeting customer demands in the best way possible with the Logo Mobile sales field sales management solution.

In businesses which carry out their sales operations through field sales teams, the effective and efficient operation of these teams directly affect the profitability of the company. Developed for this purpose, the Logo mobile sales field sales management solution enables companies to manage customer demands and sales operations in the best way possible. Thanks to the instant customized reporting capability of the solution, sales teams are able to create reports and share them with customers during meetings, and are thus able to guide sales decisions more accurately. Also providing coordination between the warehouse and the sales teams, the solution allows processes to be carried out optimally based on instant stock information. At the moment of sale, invoices can be printed from anywhere, at any time through Bluetooth-connected printers. In addition to all this, the costs of the field sales operations are also reduced thanks to advantages such as the ability to plan the routes of the sales teams at the center and the ability to effectively track vehicles. 

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Field Sales Management allows businesses that carry out sales activities via field teams to effectively control these processes from the center. With the deployment of Field Sales Management solutions, sales operations are transferred to the mobile environment. Thanks to the integration of the processes between sales teams, sales points and warehouse, teams can have instant access to all required information. This results in visible improvements in service quality ad customer satisfaction. In addition, Field Sales Management allows central supervision of the teams’ field activities. This lowers businesses’ costs and increases the efficiency of sales teams.  

Field Sales Management solutions can be used by all businesses that have hot/cold sales teams. 

Having a Field Sales Management solution that can be integrated with the ERP used in the company is very important for data accuracy and actuality. This solution, developed for exclusive use in the mobile environment, should have a structure that can be enhanced based on requirements. 

Logo field sales management

Logo mobile sales, Logo’s field sales management solution fully integrated with Logo ERP solutions, improves the service quality offered to customers by ensuring that field sales processes are based on accurate data. The solution allows managing hot and cold sales processes via mobile devices such as phones, tablets, ad mobile handheld terminals, and makes it possible to rapidly respond to customers’ instant requests. In addition, by centrally recording and supervising many different types of data from the route information of field teams to customer visit durations, it decreases costs, increases profitability, and improves the performance of sales teams.

Field sales

Enabling sales teams to manage hot and cold sales processes via mobile devices such as phones, tablets and mobile handheld terminals, Logo Mobile Sales increases sales efficiency and allows customer demands to be met in the best way possible.

  • Higher levels of customer satisfaction
  • Recording location information via GPS
  • Ability to print contents
  • Scanning product barcodes and voice commands
  • Custom reports and invoices
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