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The e-Archive application enables e-invoices to be issued for businesses that use or don’t use e-Invoices and end-customers, and provides copies of such invoices to be electronically stored and submitted.

Compliance with legislation

With the e-Archive application, invoices are issued in the electronic environment in accordance with the requirements included in the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law with the serial number 433, and copies of such invoices are stored and submitted electronically.

Legal obligation 

Taxpayers who sell goods and services over the Internet and whose gross sales revenues in their income statement for 2014 are 5 million liras or above, are required by law to adopt the e-Archive application.  

Higher speed, lower costs  

Businesses benefiting from the e-Archive application achieve speed and efficiency in their business processes. In addition, costs arising from activities such as printing, preparation, distribution and archiving of hard copy invoices are eliminated.


  • Quick implementation and safe use

    In addition to expediting the invoicing processes, the e-Archive application also provides easy access to invoices which are issued and archived electronically. 

  • Easy integration

    The e-Archive application can easily be integrated into other software used by businesses, ERP systems and the general business processes of companies.  

  • Automated e-mail/SMS service

    Invoices prepared by e-Archive can easily and quickly be sent to recipients via e-mail or SMS. This allows the cost of sending invoices to be significantly reduced, while invoices are prevented from getting lost during shipment.

  • Easy inquiry

    The e-Archive allows the electronical issue and archiving of invoices to be easily accessed and historically queried.   

  • Savings on the cost of cash registers

    Businesses using the e-Archive solution for all their sales gain a cost advantage by removing the obligation to use cash registers (CR). 

Compatible Logo solutions

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the e-Archive application?

    e-Archive is the application that enables invoices that are required to be issued, stored and submitted in printed form as per the Tax Procedure Law to be electronically issued, and their copies to be stored and submitted in the electronic environment in accordance with the requirements set forth in the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law with the serial number 433. 

  • What is the difference between an e-Invoice and the e-Archive?

    In the e-Invoice application, e-Invoices can only be sent to and received from users registered in the system. In the e-Archive application, businesses and consumers who are not covered by the e-Invoice application and are therefore not able to benefit from it can also be issued Invoices through the e-Archive. Copies of invoices can also be electronically stored and submitted.

  • Who can use the e-Archive?

    The adoption of the e-Archive application by taxpayers who sell goods and services over the Internet and whose gross sales revenues in their income statement for 2014 are five million liras or more is a legal requirement. In addition, any company that would like to expedite their invoicing processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs can also benefit from the e-Archive application. 

  • What benefits does the e-Archive solution provide?

    Companies that need to deliver their receipts and invoices to millions of customers save time and costs by minimizing their operational workload through the e-Archive solution. Businesses with a high level of customer activity can quickly process and send invoices through the e-Archive. Where an issued invoice is required to be accessed later on, such an invoice can be located in seconds, and it wouldn’t be possible for invoices to be lost. Since invoices are transferred to the electronic environment through the e-Archive solution; paper, printing, mailing, archiving and other similar costs, and the workload associated with these are eliminated. As paper consumption is minimized, the cutting of hundreds of thousands of trees every year is prevented. The e-Archive is also easily and quickly integrated into the corporate processes and the ERP solutions used by companies.

  • What do I need to do to use the e-Archive solution?

    For a business which is an e-Invoice user and would like to use the e-Archive, it is enough to purchase the e-Archive solution; it is not necessary to apply in writing to the Revenue Administration. Companies that don’t use the e-Invoice should first submit a written application to the Revenue Administration for it. After the application is approved, the Financial Seal Certificate is received for the relevant Legal Entities. For Real Persons, it is sufficient to have an e-Signature. (Real Persons can also sign their invoices with a financial seal if they wish to do so.) 

  • What is the eLogo Private Integrator Service?

    The eLogo Private Integrator Service provides a fast and secure system that runs actively 24/7. This allows related transactions to be performed by the information processing system of the service provider, eLogo, which has the required technical competence and the license as a private integrator received from the Revenue Administration.

  • Can I send e-Archive invoices to all my customers?

    e-Archive Invoices can be issued for companies and consumers that don’t use e-Invoice, through the e-Archive solution.