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Expediting shipment processes and trade by creating delivery notes in the digital environment, e-Dispatch improves the efficiency of businesses.

Compliant with legislation  

Implemented by the Revenue Administration, e-Dispatch has the same legal qualifications as a hard copy delivery note. Delivery notes are signed via the electronic certificate in compliance with the legislation, and are delivered, stored and submitted in the electronic environment.

Lower costs 

Companies benefiting from the e-Dispatch application gain speed and efficiency in their business processes, while saving on costs arising from activities such as printing and preparation of hard copy delivery notes.


  • Easy integration

    The e-Dispatch application can easily be integrated into other software and systems used by businesses, as well as their general business processes. 

  • Data security

    The transfer of delivery notes to the digital environment via e-Dispatch ensures the security of such records. 

  • Easy access

    Accessing the documents created via e-Dispatch in the digital environment with one click improves the operational efficiency of businesses.

  • Eco-friendly dispatch processes

    e-Dispatch offers an eco-friendly application in addition to the cost advantages provided by the elimination of the use of paper. With the transfer of dispatches to the electronic environment, the use of paper in businesses is reduced and the cutting of trees is prevented.  

  • Compliance with legislation and up-to-date structure

    Developed in compliance with the standards of the Revenue Administration, the e-Dispatch is updated regularly according to the changing legislation and provides continuous compliance. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the e-Dispatch application?

    e-Dispatch is a digital dispatch document that has the same legal qualifications as a printed delivery note.

  • Who can use e-Dispatch?

    In accordance with the draft communiqué issued by the Revenue Administration, businesses using the e-invoice application are required to adopt the e-Dispatch application as of July 1, 2019. Businesses that are beyond of the scope of this obligation can be included in the e-Dispatch application by completing their applications and preparations for issuing and sending e-Dispatch in accordance with the principles and procedures described in the General Communiqué of the Tax Procedure Law with the Serial number 487.

  • What do I need to do to use the e-Dispatch application?

    Companies that are e-Invoice users are not obliged to apply to the Revenue Administration to be able to start using the e-Dispatch solution. It is enough for them to apply for the e-Logo Private Integrator. Companies that are not yet e-Invoice users must first adopt this application.

  • Is there a difference between an e-Dispatch and a paper waybill?

    An e-Dispatch has the same legal qualifications as a paper dispatch. It is signed with an electronic certificate, delivered to the receiver, and stored and submitted in the electronic environment.

  • What benefits does the e-Dispatch application have for businesses?

    Since all delivery notes are transferred to the electronic environment through the e-Dispatch solution, costs related to paper, printing, mailing, archiving, etc. and the workload associated with them are eliminated. As paper consumption is minimized, the cutting of hundreds of thousands of trees every year is prevented. Thanks to electronic distribution, delivery processes are expedited, saving time. Dispatch documentation are securely stored in electronic form and can be found in seconds if required. Easily integrated into the processes and the existing software of businesses, e-Dispatch is fully compliant with the standards of the Revenue Administration and is updated according to changing legislation.