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The workflow management solution, Logo Flow enables processes to run smoothly, while providing time and labor savings, by transferring workflow applications that businesses manage on paper into the electronic environment.

Suitable for businesses of all sizes  

Logo Flow standardizes the workflow processes of businesses of all industries and sizes by transferring them into the electronic environment. Thanks to its flexible structure, it can be configured according to the needs of the industry and the company. 


End-to-end system control

Monitoring all business processes of a company, Logo Flow checks whether the system works in a timely manner, as planned, and based on the defined criteria. Therefore, processes are always carried out in the same quality. 


Shorter approval times

Approval processes carried out via paper documents or in e-mail format are transferred to the digital environment with Logo Flow. Therefore, requests for, tracking and management of approvals become easier, and the timeout issue is eliminated, saving paper, costs and time.

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  • Automated process initialization

    Tasks to be performed in the workflow can be automatically assigned to specific individuals, teams or departments via Logo Flow. Assigned tasks can also be viewed in the system and searches can be performed in existing roles. 

  • Drag & drop type of workflow and form design

    Thanks to the user-friendly design of Logo Flow, all processes in the workflow can easily be designed with the drag-and-drop method without the need for any coding. This provides considerable time and labor savings. 

  • Authorization and delegation

    Independent organizational group and hierarchy definitions, delegation of authorities and proxy assignments required for the workflow management can easily be performed via Logo Flow. This allows for human resources to be managed in the most effective way in the current workflow, with improved efficiency.

  • Timeout control and instant notification

    Logo Flow's detailed management screen and timeout control functionality enable the efficiency of the workflow management and the status of the assigned tasks to be tracked in real time. In addition, thanks to the e-mail notification feature, it is possible to instantly become aware of the changes in tasks or planning.

  • Time and location-independent usage

    Thanks to Logo Flow's mobile-compatible interface, accessing the system via mobile devices is also possible. Changes in, interventions to or updates in plans can be performed anytime and anywhere, digitally. This allows processes to be managed independently of time and place, providing cost advantages and flexibility.

  • Security-oriented design

    Eliminating the risk of the loss of documents during processes that are managed on paper, such as work orders, approvals and requests, Logo Flow also provides security in the electronic environment. This ensures a secure management environment without interrupting workflow. 

  • Customized reports

    Thanks to customized workflow reports prepared in Logo Flow, the history and current status of any workflow at the company are always under control.

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