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Logo ESG in numbers

  • 43%
    Women employees
  • 50%
    Women in
    executive management
  • 1,315
  • 35
    35 average age of
  • 89%
    89% of employees
    has bachelor’s
  • 9.28/10
    Corporate Governance
    rating: 9.28/10
  • 50%
    50% of Board
    of Directors is
  • 27%
    spending / invoiced
    revenues ratio
  • 88%
    88% of non-hazardous
    waste is recycled
    in 2020
  • 100%
    100% of e-waste
    recycled (TR operations)
    in 2020
**2021 year-end Logo Group figures including India operations.

Logo has adopted fair, transparent, accountable and responsible management practices since its foundation. In 2020, Logo became a signatory of UN Global compact and is committed to the UNGC corporate responsibility initiative and its principles in the areas of human rights, labour, the environment and anti-corruption.

Ensuring no gap exists in pay, opportunity and representation has been a long standing principle at Logo and is an integral component of our business processes. We support empowerment of women for the sustainable development of our society and our economy, and strive to create an environment that counters any unconscious bias and creates a gender equal culture that goes beyond just metrics.



As a company on its way to becoming a regional power, we are committed to creating lasting added value in our activities. As per our role in technological transformation, we are helping companies to operate more efficiently and adapt to the current competitive environment by producing solutions for industry 4.0 or cloud systems. We are driving sustainable transformation both in our own operations and in our ecosystem, especially in the developing markets. Accordingly, we have identified the focal point of our sustainability strategy as investing in the community, the environment and the future of our company and contributing to the sustainable transformation of our ecosystem with innovative products and services. Our company’s mission is very important in terms of integrating sustainability with a systematic approach to all our activities and in creating high value-added solutions.

We are coding the future together



Our solutions reduce our customers’ environmental impact including carbon footprint and natural resource consumption.

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Talent Management and Corporate Social Responsibility are high priority issues for us.

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Corporate governance and work ethics are integral part of our business processes.

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