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The e-Ledger application enables the General Journal and General Ledger documents to be prepared in the digital environment, in accordance with set standards, and sent to the Revenue Administration quickly and easily.

Cost and labor savings   

The preparation of the General Journal and the General Ledger through e-Ledger enables savings to be gained from operational costs related to the printing and notarization of such documents, papers, cartridges, etc. and the workload due to labor-intensive processes such as preparation or archiving. 

User profile 

Real and legal persons keeping their books based on balance sheets can benefit from the e-Ledger application.


  • Easy reporting

    Using the XBRL technology which is the international standard, the e-Ledger considerably facilitates reporting activities.

  • Reliable records

    Keeping records in the digital environment through e-Ledger also ensures the security of these records.

  • Time and place-independent access

    All ledger operations can be easily performed, as the e-Ledger application can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

  • Easy integration

    The e-Ledger application can easily be integrated into other business software used by businesses, ERP systems and the general business processes of companies.  

  • Compliance with legislation and up-to-date structure

    Developed in compliance with the standards of the Revenue Administration, the e-Ledger is updated regularly according to the changing legislation and provides continuous compliance.

Compatible Logo solutions

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the e-Ledger application?

    The e-Ledger is a collection of electronic records containing all information in the books which are required to be kept, according to the Tax Procedure Law and/or the Turkish Code of Commerce, regardless of the provisions related to form.

  • Who can use the e-ledger?

    The Logo e-Ledger application provides solutions for the requirements of companies that not only use the Logo ERP solutions but also those that are not Logo users. In addition, Real and Legal Persons keeping their books based on balance sheets can benefit from the e-Ledger application.

  • What are the advantages of the e-Ledger?

    Regularly updated in line with legislative changes, the e-Ledger solution, which is in compliance with the standards of the Revenue Administration, enables your processes to always be in compliance with legislation and future successfully completed audits. Thanks to this solution, which transfers all booking processes to an electronic environment, cost savings are achieved in relation to printing, papers, archiving and cartridges, and it becomes possible to save on operational costs such as labor, time and approval costs with the acceleration of the processes. The system can be accessed independent of time and place through the remote access feature. The e-Ledger can be used not only at companies that use Logo ERP, but also at companies that do not currently benefit from the Logo solutions. 

  • What do I need to do to start using the e-Ledger solution?

    Companies that want to use the e-Ledger should first submit a written application to the Revenue Administration. Following the approval of the application, the Financial Seal or the Electronic Certificate is uploaded to the system. This is followed by the upload of the Time Stamp program from the Public Certification Center website, after which the Logo e-Ledger Solution can be used. The latest version of Java must be installed to be able to use the e-Ledger.