e-Producer Receipt

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e-Producer Receipt


The Logo e-Producer Receipt (e-PR) application enables producer receipts to be created and reported in the electronic environment in accordance with the standards set by the Revenue Administration, in addition to being stored and submitted in printed form, as well as in the electronic environment.

For farmers 

Farmers who are not taxpayers can carry out the processes involving the preparation and delivery of producer receipts via Logo e-PR in accordance with legislation. 

Time and cost savings 

Logo e-PR users save time and money in all producer receipt transactions. 

Electronic archiving 

All electronic producer receipts issued through Logo e-PR are stored in the system for 10 years. This provides savings in archive costs. 

Easy access 

When previously issued receipts need to be reviewed or new receipts need to be issued for registered receivers, the relevant data is easily accessed via Logo e-PR. 

Compliance with legislation 

Users ensure compliance with the legislation required for producer receipt transactions with Logo e-PR which is continuously updated based on the changes in legislation.

Compatible Devices


Scope of application

Agricultural products - livestock