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Easily adapting to the requirements and demands of enterprises, Logo Mind Navigator filters all complex data that is generated and transforms it into strategically important information through multidimensional analyses.

Allowing easy integration with the Logo ERP solutions, Logo Mind Navigator provides a dynamic link between enterprise resource planning (ERP) and Microsoft Excel. This ensures that all reports are kept up to date by providing online access to all the data in the system. Another convenience of the Logo Mind Navigator is that it can be used as an add-on to Excel and does not require learning a different interface.

With its ready-to-use models and the ability to connect with different data sources as well as the ability to view reports on the web or via mobile, Logo Mind Navigator guides your business completely.

Value-adding analyses 
Integrated with the Logo ERP products, Logo Mind Navigator adds value to businesses by processing complex data from different sources and converting them into meaningful reports. With capabilities to analyze general data in detail, provide ready-made models, and connect to different data sources, Logo Mind Navigator makes data analysis throughout the company possible. 

Quick and dynamic reports 
Thanks to its advanced filter structure, Logo Mind Navigator accesses the required data at the required time, allowing reports to be created based on this data. Thanks to scheduled tasks, Excel reports are updated based on the set time intervals and shared with the desired people, which allows quick and dynamic reports to be generated. The created reports are sent to all the relevant individuals via e-mail, providing an effective and fast communication.


  • Ready-made reports

    Standard templates included in Logo Mind Navigator that don't require any customization expedite and facilitate the reporting processes. These standard reports are related to Material Management, Sales Management, Purchasing Management, Order Management, Financial Management, Accounting Management and Production Management. Detailed reports can be created in a very short amount of time thanks to the ready-made query models, report templates and stored procedures.

  • Customizable reports

    Logo Mind Navigator can also be used when industry or company-specific reports, rather than standard reports, are required to be prepared. With its features such as custom stored procedures, the ability to create user-defined models and tables, and the ability to extract data from different data sources, Logo Mind Navigator easily customizes any required reports without the need to write any formulas or SQL clauses.

  • Flexibility in data collection and filtration

    Thanks to its advanced filter structure, Logo Mind Navigator can accurately and completely collect data from different sources. The Import/Export feature allows data to be retrieved from the desired locations and transferred to the targeted locations, creating a powerful data warehouse. 

  • Detailed reporting and comparison

    Logo Mind Navigator offers summary and detailed distributions, as well as status and comparison tables and charts, to monitor the real-time state of each division in the enterprise. This allows for the distribution of sales, products, orders, collections and payments, in addition to information such as material and stock statuses, current accounts, and cash status to be retrieved in detail and followed via comparative tables and charts. 

  • Scheduled tasks

    Logo Mind Navigator also enables Excel reports to be updated at specified time intervals and sent to registered people via e-mail. This allows for any changes that occur in business data and hence in the reports, to be shared with relevant people.

  • Case-based scenarios

    Logo Mind Navigator enables  available data to be converted into different scenarios, allowing healthier actions to be taken. Scenarios can be created by entering the desired values into the comparative tables prepared in the system, which allows for consequences that different conditions create to be seen in a healthier way.

  • Integration with Logo ERP solutions

    Capable of integration with the Logo ERP solutions, Logo Mind Navigator accesses all data in the system online, ensuring that reports are always up to date.                                                                                                                 

  • Viewing on Web and Mobile

    Logo Mind Navigator reports designed and viewed on Excel are published on the web via a wizard and users can use these reports on the web or mobile without the need of any redesigning process; and it allows filtering, searching, and ranking as well.

Compatible Logo solutions

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I get in touch with your business partners?

    You can access the contact information of Logo business partners through the business partner contact page on our website. 

  • How can I get detailed information about the product?

    For more information about Logo Mind Navigator, you can review the Introductory brochure, watch the product video or contact the Logo business partners.

  • How can I obtain the usage documentation for the product?

    The usage documentation for Logo Mind Navigator is available at

  • Can I access the application that is installed on the server, through the terminal?

    Yes, you can. To do this, you can review the "Installation" section in the usage document.

  • Can all the users defined in the Logo ERP products also use the Logo Mind Navigator product?

    The Logo Mind Navigator license is followed separately from the license of the Logo ERP products. Added as a module license to the Logo ERP products, Logo Mind Navigator is only available for users to whom this license is assigned, and the number of user licenses to be purchased should be as many as the number of the desired users for Logo Mind Navigator.

  • When I log in the application, I get the “You must purchase the license” warning even though I purchased the license for the product, how can I fix this?

    This warning is received if the application license is not activated on the Logo ERP product that is used. The problem should be resolved after the license is renewed.

  • Can I connect a data source other than Logo products to Logo Mind Navigator?

    Yes, you can. You can also connect the different types of data sources of the different products to Logo Mind Navigator which is already integrated with the Logo j-Platform, GO, Tiger and Netsis series products that are part of the Logo ERP product family, and you can use it for reporting.

  • How can I create ready-made models and reports?

    The ready-made models and reports can be used with the Logo GO 3, Logo Tiger 3 and Logo Netsis 3 series of products from the Logo ERP product family. Once the data sources of these products are connected, you can easily create and use the standard reports for the company/period you selected in the "Logo Models" menu of the application.

  • Which topics are the contents of the ready-made reports related to?

    You can use many ready-made reports under the headings of Distribution Management, Fixed Asset Management, Financial Management, Material Management, Accounting Management, Planning, Sales Management, Purchasing Management, Demand Management, Offer Management, Production Management, Budget, Import, Export, and Quality Management, with the Logo integrations.

  • Can I design reports using my own queries and views?

    Yes, you can. You can create reports with the queries and views you developed personally by using the User-Defined Model Editor.

  • Can I prepare reports using the store procedure?

    Yes, you can. You can prepare reports that you can query by submitting external parameters through the stored procedure.

  • Can I ensure that my reports are automatically sent via e-mail?

    Yes, you can. To do this, you can review the "Scheduled Task" section in the usage document.

  • Are the reports that I designed in the Navigator product available in the Logo Mind Navigator product?

    Yes, reports that are designed in the Navigator product can also be used with Logo Mind Navigator.

  • Are the Navigator functions also available in the Logo Mind Navigator products?

    Yes, the Navigator functions can be used exactly as they are in the Logo Mind Navigator products.

  • How can I use the models I prepared for a company/period for another company/period?

    Using the Export/Import menus under the User-Defined Model Menu, you can reproduce the models you prepared earlier, for different companies/periods. To do this, you can review the "User-Defined Model" section in the usage document.

  • How can I use the reports I prepared for a company/period for another company/period?

    It is possible to reproduce the designs you prepared (Excel files), for a different company/period with the Company Transition Menu. To do this, you can review the "Company Transition" section in the usage document. 

  • Can I consolidate multiple companies and periods?

    Yes. You can prepare consolidated reports by combining the queries for multiple companies/periods with the User-Defined Model Editor.

  • How can I authorize my reports?

    Logo Mind Navigator authorizations are assigned from the menus that Logo ERP products are authorized. The menus, models and reports of the application can be authorized separately. To do this, you can review the "Authorization" section in the usage document.