Logo business partnership

We grow with the strong ecosystem we have established together with our business partners in this journey that we embarked in 1984 in order to develop innovative enterprise technologies, solutions and services. Become a Logo business partner and let’s write the future together!

Why should you become a Logo partner?

Being alone is not an option in today’s world! Technology is no longer being developed “alone” behind closed doors. All the technological developments achieved are shaped by the concepts of collaboration, joint reasoning, integrated approach and common benefit. Developments on solutions, add-ons to applications and innovations, such as omni-channel strategies can only be achieved through productive collaborations. On the other hand, the cloud technology that gives an excellent flexibility to enterprises prepares the ground for great leaps through joint work.

​Believing in the power of producing jointly, rather than acting alone, Logo Yazılım has been working together with different business partners, particularly sales channels, since its foundation in 1984. The ecosystem of Logo Yazılım, which has grown in time and expanded its scope, is currently composed of numerous business partners under the topics of sales, solution development and training.

Business partners of Logo Yazılım are never left alone and they benefit from many advantages, such as an accumulated knowledge for almost 40 years, technological possibilities, sales potential, wide target audience and training opportunities. Being a business partner of Logo means writing the future together.

What are the advantages of being a business partner?

Stable growth

Benefit from a stable growth that is supported by the strong sales and marketing model of Logo Yazılım and ensures gain for all relevant parties.

Strong R&D

Gain an access to the state-of-the-art solutions thanks to domestic and international R&D investments of Logo Yazılım.

Solution development

Have an opportunity to develop new solutions or add-ons in addition to existing products, solutions, and services of Logo Yazılım and to introduce them to the market safely under the brand of Logo.

Expert support

Benefit from the experts and materials of Logo both in technical issues and in sales and marketing.


Have a corner in your area and open your doors to new business collaborations by specializing in the products and services of Logo Yazılım that you choose.

Enriched solution portfolio

Expand your portfolio and target audience by offering products, solutions and services suitable for every industry and every scale of enterprise.

How does the business partnership process progress?

Everything in life starts with the first step. Take your first step today to become a business partner of Logo and complete the application form. We will contact you after your application in order to discuss the details of the process mutually.

​We would be pleased to see you joining us in accordance with the principles of Logo Yazılım no matter which of the following models you choose: Authorized Business Partner, Solution Development Business Partner, Functional Business Partner or Training Center Business Partnership.

​Our Principles:

  • Fairness and transparency
  • ​Avoiding approaches that may cause unfair competition
  • Mutual agreement and trust
  • Providing customer details in every order, and avoiding stockpiling
  • Same level of margin for all business partners
  • Maximum care for payment due dates
  • Participation in product training courses and certification
  • Maximum effort to achieve sales targets
  • Communicating with customers in harmony with the corporate image of Logo

Process steps
Complete the application form.
Wait for Logo Yazılım to contact you.
Join the ecosystem as candidate business partner after the agreement.

What are business partnership models?

Authorized Business Partner

Gain new customers, enter new industries and increase your commercial success by joining the strong sales and marketing network of Logo Yazılım under this model, which focuses on the sales of Logo products and solutions.

Solution Development Business Partner

If you have industrial and vertical solutions running on a Logo platform and compatible with Logo ERP products, solution development business partnership is perfect for you! Offer innovative, personalized and state-of-the-art solutions to your customers with the products that you have developed by leveraging the power of Logo’s infrastructure and that are licensed by Logo.

Functional Business Partner

Both create value added projects for your customers and capture an opportunity to work with different business partners by developing your areas of expertise for products in this world of digitalization.

Training Center Business Partner

One of the greatest objectives of Logo Yazılım is to bring in qualified human resource for the information technology industry. For this purpose, work together with us and become a Logo training center and raise experts that have a good understanding of Logo Yazılım’s products and solutions to use them effectively.