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Developed for companies to easily manage their reconciliation processes, the e-Reconciliation application enables the DFP (Declaration Form for Purchases of Goods and Services), DFS (Declaration Form for Sales of Goods and Services), Current Statement and Current Balance reconciliations to be performed rapidly and safely in the electronic environment.

Online reconciliation tracking 

Unaffected by whether the companies with whom reconciliation is to be performed are e-Reconciliation users or not, e-Reconciliation enables the automated delivery of e-mails, and the online tracking of approval and rejection responses via the Reconciliation Portal. 

More efficient resource utilization

The e-Reconciliation solution enables enterprises’ resources to be used more efficiently by reducing time wastage in reconciliation processes.


  • Optimization in reconciliation processes

    Completed and approved reconciliations can be checked via the e-Reconciliation Portal. All past reconciliations can also be accessed through the portal where required. Thus, the reconciliation application saves time, while processes are optimized.  

  • Easy to use and instant control

    By logging in with a user name and password, the e-Reconciliation Portal allows users to check the stage of the process online. Thanks to detailed reporting, information on whether the sent letters of reconciliation are actually received by the counterparty can be obtained easily and in real-time.

  • Easy transfer of data

    Data that is maintained in Microsoft Excel can be easily transferred to the e-Reconciliation Portal. The transfer of Excel data can also be performed instantly on the web without the need for any programs. In addition, data can easily be transferred to the e-Reconciliation Portal from the ERP system.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is e-Reconciliation?

    The e-Reconciliation application ensures that the DFP, DFS and Current Balance reconciliations with suppliers or customer companies are easily performed via the electronic system. You can save time by digitizing the reconciliation processes and quickly perform your reconciliations by sending an sms, e-mail or fax via the e-Reconciliation system.

  • Who can benefit from the e-Reconciliation application?

    All businesses that would like to submit their DFPs/DFSs and perform their current account reconciliations in the electronic environment and use their resources more efficiently by minimizing the time losses in their reconciliation processes, can benefit from the e-Reconciliation application.

  • What are the advantages of the e-Reconciliation application?

    With the e-Reconciliation application, it is possible to automatically send e-mails to companies where reconciliation is to be performed, whether they are e-Reconciliation users or not, and to track the approval and rejection responses online via the e-Reconciliation Portal. By logging in with a user name and password, the e-Reconciliation Portal allows the reconciliation processes and stages to be checked. This saves both time and workload. Past reconciliations can also be easily checked through the portal.

    Comparing two statements with hundreds of lines and finding the differences between them based on months, days and types of transactions in seconds, the e-Reconciliation application also allows the data to be easily transferred to the e-Reconciliation Portal from Excel. Excel data can be instantly transferred to the system directly via the web, without the need for any other programs.

  • How can I start using e-Reconciliation?

    You can enter the Excel format that you retrieved from your own system for DFP, DFS or Current Balance reconciliations as a template in the e-Reconciliation system, then transfer it directly to the e-Reconciliation application without making any changes in the Excel files to immediately start using e-Reconciliation. In addition, you can also easily transfer data to the e-Reconciliation portal from the Logo ERP system.