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Logo WMS is a warehouse management system solution for small and medium-sized businesses that integrates Android devices into the system, and utilizes different modules with the various barcode structures used these days, which increases efficiency and reduces costs in warehouse processes.

Faster business processes 

Logo WMS contributes to overall profitability by helping warehouses adapt to expedited business processes. Running all warehouse transactions from start to finish on Android devices, Logo WMS increases work efficiency in warehouses that are managed faster, more accurately and thoroughly.

Efficient control and labor savings

By eliminating human-oriented errors in warehouse transactions, Logo WMS helps to identify points that need to be improved by controlling warehouse processes end-to-end. An efficient warehouse management enabled by Logo WMS positively affects the overall profitability of the company by reducing employee costs.


  • Goods receival check

    Logo WMS also provides necessary controls for detecting and counting faulty goods from suppliers during goods receival in the warehouse. In this way, the acceptance of goods duration is shortened and acceptance of faulty goods cases are reduced. Logo WMS also enables purchase orders to be monitored, and warehouse organization and layout to be maintained.

  • Warehouse count made easier

    Time-consuming operations such as stock-taking of received items, in-stock items and outgoing items are facilitated by Logo WMS’s feature which allows barcodes to be scanned via handheld terminals. Taking stock on the basis of address and pallet, Logo WMS enables healthier records to be obtained by comparing the registered stock and the stock-take results in real time. Where there is an inconsistency between the registered stock and the stock-take data, slips for stocktaking differences can be automatically created in Logo WMS with the user’s approval.

  • Production record support via handheld terminals

    Intermediate stocks and production quantities versus instant production orders can also be monitored via Logo WMS, which enables production stages and goods at the end of the production line to be registered via hand-held terminals. Operations related to the schedule of materials, as well as the stocks of raw materials and semi-finished goods can easily be monitored. This allows Logo WMS to also contribute to the efficiency of the production process.

  • Error-free delivery of goods

    Logo WMS carries out the delivery process in a controlled manner using handheld terminals, thus ensuring that the process is completed without any errors. Since multiple people are able to collect orders simultaneously via the handheld terminals, shipment times become shorter, while shipment of inaccurate products to customers is prevented. The location-based stock monitoring feature accelerates the collection of goods.

  • 2D barcode support

    Thanks to its capability to scan 2D (two-dimensional) barcodes and data matrices, Logo WMS is able to automatically decipher the information contained in the barcodes, particularly in the medical and pharmaceutical industries. This prevents any acceptance or delivery of wrong products.

  • Serial/lot tracking

    Logo WMS provides easy traceability by registering information such as serial/lot numbers, expiry dates, and batch numbers, which are all critical in industries such as food, chemistry, cosmetics and medical. Thanks to this practice, operations based on serial numbers are also expedited in industries such as electronics and machinery.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use Logo WMS on my mobile phone?

    Yes, it can be used with all new generation Android devices.

  • I do not use Logo ERP. Can I still use Logo WMS?

    No, Logo WMS only works when integrated with Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise, Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise, Logo Tiger Wings, Logo Tiger 3, Logo GO 3, or Logo GO Wings ERP solutions. 

  • Will I need a server? Can it work on the cloud?

    Logo WMS works on the server where the Logo ERP is located, it does not work on the cloud.

  • Can the application be tailored to my needs?

    No, Logo WMS does not have adaptation features; but its operating behaviors can be changed thanks to its flexible parametric structure. 

  • There is no internet connection in our warehouse. Can it work offline?

    Connecting the mobile terminal to the wireless local network is sufficient for Logo WMS to work; no internet connection is required. Logo WMS cannot be used offline.              

  • Can I perform shelf-tracking with Logo WMS?

    Yes, it can be done.

  • What equipment will I require as hardware? Where can I meet my hardware requirements? Do you sell handheld terminals and printers?

    Logo WMS works on Android devices. For compatible devices and their prices, you can consult our sales team.

  • Can I get a demo of the application?

    You can consult the sales team for a product presentation.

  • We are engaged in production activities. Can I monitor the production stages in the application?

    Yes, you can engage in and monitor production, using the production order definitions via Logo WMS.

  • Can I use QR codes?

    Yes, QR codes can be used with Logo WMS.