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Keep up with the digital transformation

One of the most critical drivers of Turkey's vision for the future is digital transformation. In this process, businesses’ transition of applications such as e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger, e-Reconciliation, and e-Extract to the digital environment is crucial in terms of legal compliance, as well as achieving efficiency in business processes. e-Solutions which is approved by the Revenue Administration, saves time, costs and work force through comprehensive digital applications.

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Applications such as e-Invoice, e-Ledger, and e-Archive, developed in compliance with the standards of the Revenue Administration, allow companies to achieve cost savings, operate faster, and have more effective control over their operations. In addition to adding value to operational processes, these Solutions allow savings in costs associated with labor, archiving, printer consumables, and sending out paper invoices.

In addition to businesses required to use e-solutions by the Revenue Administration, all firms that want to facilitate and streamline their business processes, lower their costs, and increase their competitiveness can use e-Solutions.

The most critical issue in e-solutions is to prefer solutions that are compliant with legal standards. Preferring solutions by brands that have the special integrator license approved by the Revenue Administration facilitates the digital transformation processes of businesses. In addition, it is important for the standardization of the internal processes of businesses that any solutions to be used have the ability to be integrated with other systems such as ERP.

Logo e-Solutions 

As the leading firm in this field, Logo offers a fast and secure system that operates on a 24/7 basis to businesses, with its eLogo brand that has a Private Integrator license. This way, all electronic invoice transactions can be carried out safely over eLogo’s data processing system. 

With its wide array of e-Solutions products ranging from e-Invoice to e-Dispatch and from banking solutions to AI-based innovative products, Logo offers solutions required by businesses by closely monitoring the developments in digital transformation and related legislation. Another advantage offered by e-Solutions is its capability to work in a fully integrated manner with Logo products as well as non-Logo ERP software. 

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