Sales support


What are the payment options for your cloud based products?

You can view payment options on our page at https://logo.cloud/servisler/erp-yonetimi#price.


Do you have a cloud based bookkeeping program?

You can view Logo İşbaşı, our cloud based bookkeeping product on our page at https://isbasi.com.


Do you have an affordable bookkeeping program?

You can view our Logo İşbaşı product, an online bookkeeping program enabling to access bookkeeping transactions easily at any time and from anywhere. With our Start 3 product, a bookkeeping program, all micro businesses can track their stock, costs, cash, invoices, orders, payments and collections, and manage their banking and customer information from a single point.


Does the program require any additional payment other than its license fee?

Our Business Partner offers training and customization services by charging a fee.


Can we integrate our products with barcode system?

You can benefit from the additional service to be provided by our Business Partner for integration with barcode service.


What must be done to use the product as up-to-date?

You can be a member of our LEM subscription system that allows users of current Logo products to benefit from free access for 1 year to newly developed features and amendments that are not sold as separate modules. With LEM, you can own the latest versions of the products being used, as well as new features and performance improvements, and enjoy special prices for user, employee, and firm upgrades and modules.


Which of your products can be used to keep details of company employees and their salaries?

You can view our Logo Bordro Plus product, which allows HR departments to perform payroll transactions fast and without any error, at https://www.logo.com.tr/en/product/logo-bordro-plus. You can view our Logo Netsis 3 Bordro product, which provides automation for payroll transactions that require spending intensive efforts and time, on our page at https://www.logo.com.tr/en/product/logo-netsis-3-bordro.


Which documents must be used to inform Logo Yazılım in case the company’s title and/or type is changed?

In case your company’s title and/or type is changed, you can submit the request form to our email address musteriiliskileri@logo.com.tr together with the document showing the change, such as trade registry gazette, signature circular and tax certificate.


Where can I find user document of the products?

You can find informing documents and videos, as well as version enhancements of our products on our page at https://docs.logo.com.tr.


How the training for Logo products can be received?

Logo users can receive paid training for Logo products from authorized Logo business partners. You can find our authorized Business Partners on our page at https://www.logo.com.tr/en/logo-business-partners.


How Logo Business Partners and their contact details can be found?

You can find the details of Business Partners that are closest to you by selecting Country, City and District on our page at https://www.logo.com.tr/en/logo-business-partners.


Do you have an accounting program, for which the payments can be made monthly or annually?

You can use our hybrid Wings products, which can be used both on the desktop and through web, by our monthly and annual payment system.


What are your services covered by the warranty after the product is purchased?

You can benefit from Support Hotline Service free of charge for 3 or 6 months as of the date of installation when a new product is purchased and a product is upgraded. With LEM service, we allow you to benefit from free access for 1 year to newly developed features and changes that are not sold as separate modules. Invoice date is taken as basis in our LEM service.


How a purchased product is downgraded?

It is not possible to downgrade from a purchased product to a lower segment product. You can purchase the product you are interested in as a new product.


How a purchased product is upgraded?

If the license you own is at the latest version, the price difference between your current product and higher product to be migrated is calculated. If the license you own is not at the latest version, LEM renewal fee and the price difference for the higher product to be migrated are calculated together.


Can a phone contract be made with Logo Yazılım?

If you want to use Support Hotline Service after your free service is expired, you can continue to use this service by purchasing Support Hotline Service separately for 1 year.


Where can I apply to use Logo products for training purposes in an educational institution?

You can submit your request to logoakademi@logo.com.tr.


Which of your products are suggested for manufacturing companies?

Manufacturing companies can benefit from our products Netsis 3 Standard, Netsis 3 Enterprise, Tiger 3, and Tiger 3 Enterprise.


What are your products in which we can use e-invoice together with accounting program?

You can purchase any e-state module that you prefer for our other SME and ERP products as additional module together with our Start 3 (with e-state content) elementary product.


In which of your products, e-products, such as e-Dispatch, e-Invoice, e-Archive, e-Ledger, can be used?

You can use these e-products together with our products, such as Go3, Go Wings, Tiger 3, Tiger 3 Enterprise, Tiger Wings, Tiger Wings Enterprise, Netsis 3 Entegre Pro, Netsis 3 Standard, Netsis Wings, Netsis 3 Enterprise, Netsis Wings Enterprise, Bulut ERP Basic, Bulut ERP Standard.


Is free migration from Netsis products to Logo products possible?

Free migration from Netsis products to Logo products or from Logo products to Netsis products cannot be made.


How can I purchase credits?

You can purchase credits through eLogo ordering page available at https://siparis.elogo.com.tr/elogin. You can follow the transaction steps from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v67PJTpIuOw&list=PL_Im6y36RbLXxe-TBYkgNlxT2uU4zPhHF. You can also make an order request through your business partner that you actively work with.