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Manage your business safely with digital workflows

Controlling the processes which are carried out at different points of the business contributes significantly to business efficiency. All business processes are created, followed up and finalized completely in the digital environment through the Logo Workflow Management solution. As a result, workflows are more efficient and smooth; standardization is improved throughout the enterprise, and costs and losses are reduced.

For beginners

One of the most important components of increasing efficiency and thus profitability, is to improve business processes. By restructuring workflow and achieving standardization throughout the company, workflow management speeds up business processes and improves the quality of management. With the simplification and systematization of a workflow, duties and responsibilities of all employees are clarified, and tasks are completed faster. This, in turn, creates time and cost savings.

Medium-sized and large businesses can utilize Workflow Management solutions.

One of the most important criteria in Workflow Management solutions is to have an application that can be used by all employees within the limits of their authorization, and allows reporting. Choosing a solution that can also work on the web makes it possible to access the system anywhere, anytime. In addition, the ability to integrate with the ERP and similar systems in the company makes the Workflow Management solution more efficient.

Logo Flow

Enabling the creation, follow-up and finalization of business processes, the Workflow Management solution, Logo Flow helps to manage business processes faster and more efficiently. Moving all workflows, including approvals, to the digital environment provides time and cost savings.

Logo Flow contains different modules, from customer relations management to supply chain process, and from financial management to foreign trade, and thus speeds up the communication between departments. This, in turn, enables a single-pointed, secure and effective monitoring of progress in different processes in the fields of production, planning, logistics, finance, and administration.