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Designed specifically for the retail sector, the Logo Diva RETAIL which can be used as a built-in or cloud-based software, enables all cash transactions to be rapidly and easily tracked and managed.

Special technology for retail 

Retail doesn't only involve displaying and selling products anymore. Retail companies need to be more technology-oriented in areas such as customer experience management, integration of front office and back office applications, fast and seamless service, and customer satisfaction. Developed for this requirement, Logo Diva RETAIL enables the real-time management of the sales transactions in stores. 

Built-in or cloud-based use  

Logo Diva RETAIL can be easily activated in the retail companies' cloud or the Logo cloud. 

Fast solution for all cash transactions 

Providing the digital transformation experience in shopping, Logo Diva RETAIL enables all cash transactions ranging from sales invoices and returns to campaigns and price management, and from stock control to customer records to be performed quickly and easily. 



  • 14/7 Support Service

    Logo Diva Support teams provide service between 08:00 and 22:00 on weekdays, and between 10:00 and 22:00 on weekends and public holidays. Contacting the Logo Diva Support Line is all that is required when technical support is needed. As soon as the issue is registered, problems are quickly resolved. 

Compatible Logo solutions

They prefer Logo Diva RETAIL

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the installation options for Logo Diva RETAIL?

    SaaS and On-Premise options are available for use. You may contact our Sales Team for detailed information: 

  • What hardware is required for Logo Diva RETAIL SaaS?

    As a platform, Logo Diva RETAIL SaaS is a web-based product which is hardware-independent. You can use a Windows computer or a stylish tablet as hardware. It doesn’t require any installations as it’s web-based.

  • I don't want to deal with server maintenance or costs, is Logo Diva RETAIL a convenient solution for that?

    Since Logo Diva RETAIL is also a cloud-based product, you won’t need to invest in server maintenance and management.

  • What are the advantages of the ability to use Logo Diva RETAIL in the cloud?

    Since it’s cloud-based, Logo Diva RETAIL enables you to centrally track your real-time sales, stocks, campaigns, orders, and purchases in all your channels, to create reports for all of them, and to manage all your points of sale end-to-end. 

  • Does Logo Diva RETAIL have a campaign application?

    Many of the campaign designs used in the retail industry are supported by Logo Diva RETAIL. You can watch campaign examples in our training videos:  

  • Does Logo Diva RETAIL have any training videos?

    There are 300 training videos at

  • Can authorizations be categorized based on users in Logo Diva RETAIL?

    Authorizations for the roles to be categorized can be defined on the Central Application/Authorization/Role Definition screen. (CASHIER, CASH ADMIN, CENTER, etc.)

  • Can Open Account Sales be carried out with Logo Diva RETAIL?

    Open account sales can be carried out with Logo Diva RETAIL. 

  • Can receivables from customers be tracked with Logo Diva RETAIL?

    Yes, activating the application parameter in the Central module is enough to use this application. If the entered order is over the set limit, the approval of the intelligence officer is waited upon. 

  • What languages does Logo Diva RETAIL support?

    English, Bulgarian, Persian, Romanian and Polish languages can be used via the multi-language support.

  • Is there a customer-facing screen feature in Logo Diva RETAIL?

    The added items, general total and discount information is displayed on the customer-facing screen

  • Is there a voucher application at Logo Diva RETAIL?

    Yes, gift voucher applications are supported.

  • Can advantage codes be defined in Logo Diva RETAIL?

    Yes, advantage codes can be defined.

  • Can products with SCT be sold in Logo Diva RETAIL?

    SCT information can be transferred to Logo Diva RETAIL through stock card transfers, and products with SCT can be sold.    

  • Is there a common POS Integration in Logo Diva RETAIL?

    Common POS integration is available and invoices must be used. The payment amount information is sent via Logo Diva RETAIL and payment is received via POS.

  • Is there a CR integration in Logo Diva RETAIL?

    CR integration is available in Logo Diva RETAIL. Cash register receipt and information slip (Invoice-e-Invoice, e-Archive) are received from the device through the integration. This information is forwarded to RA.

  • Can invoices be designed in Logo Diva RETAIL?

    Logo Diva RETAIL uses a Design module by Java support. Many types of documents such as Invoices, DATs, Orders can be designed.