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Take a step towards the digital world of future with our cloud services

Reach out to the solutions you need fast and secure by using our cloud based services.

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The most suitable products for different needs

    With our cloud services

    Manage your business at any time and from anywhere you wish

    Access fast through a web browser with internet connection.
    Start to use your system now without any hardware, installation and maintenance requirement.
    Always use the most current versions thanks to automatic updates.
    Access your system from any device and through any browser.

    Logo Diva RETAIL

    Designed specifically for the retail sector, the Logo Diva RETAIL which can be used as a built-in or cloud-based software, enables all cash transactions to be rapidly and easily tracked and managed.

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    Logo Cloud ERP

    Cloud ERP Program - Enterprise Resource Planning

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    Logo Cloud HR

    Logo Cloud HR brings you the convenience of managing your essential human resources processes end-to-end, on the cloud and in the most efficient way possible. Logo Cloud HR's cloud-based structure enables access to payrolling and essential HR processes anytime and anywhere for HR teams and managers for utmost flexibility and speed.

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    Logo cloud services help you benefit from cloud technology that bears the quality seal of Logo.

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    With our On-Premise products

    Gain a competitive advantage in every aspect of your business

    Expert support
    Move your enterprise to a higher league with the support of our more than 900 Logo business partners.
    Corporate training
    Benefit from the experiences of our experts and business partners covering all industries and fields of operation.
    Flexible solutions
    Use our on-premise products by customizing them according to the structure and requirements of your company.
    Integrated structure
    Establish a structure in compliance with other products in our ecosystem and e-State applications.

    Logo CRM

    Focusing on businesses’ communication with their customers in the most effective way in line with sales and marketing targets, the Logo CRM Customer Relations Management solution provides customer satisfaction by quickly managing field operations, marketing activities and all sales processes.

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    Logo Start 3

    With Logo Start 3 all micro businesses can track their stock, costs, cash, invoices, orders, payments and collections, and manage their banking and customer information from a single point. Thus, control and efficiency are improved at every step from bank accounts to monthly payments, inventory information and issuance of e-Invoices.

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    Logo WMS

    Logo WMS is a warehouse management system product for small and medium-sized businesses that integrates Android devices into the system, and utilizes different modules with the various barcode structures used these days, which increases efficiency and reduces costs in warehouse processes.

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    Examine our Logo solutions for the most suitable solutions for your different needs.

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