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Developed in accordance with the standards set by the Revenue Administration, e-Invoice solutions enable the safe and fast circulation of invoices in the digital environment.

Compliance with legislation  

The e-Invoice solutions enable the transfer of invoices issued as electronic documents in line with the UBL-TR standard and the standards set by the Revenue Administration, from the sender to the receiver, through a specified data transfer protocol. In accordance with the issuance legal framework, transmission, storage and submission of invoices as electronic documents, invoices issued via e-Invoice have the same legal qualifications as printed invoices. Taxpayers who are Incorporated, Limited, and Unlimited companies, as well as companies incorporated by Real Persons can benefit from the e-Invoice application. 

Higher speed, lower costs  

Companies that transfer their invoices to the digital environment through e-Invoice solutions gain speed and efficiency improvements in their payment and collection processes. In addition, costs arising from activities such as printing, mailing and storage of hard copy invoices are eliminated. 

Eco-friendly invoicing processes  

The e-Invoice solutions offer an eco-friendly application in addition to the cost advantage provided by the elimination of the use of paper. With the transfer of invoices to the electronic environment, paper use in businesses is reduced and the cutting of hundreds of thousands of trees each year is prevented. 


  • Quick implementation and safe use

    In addition to significantly expediting the invoicing and accounting processes, e-Invoice solutions also provide easy access to invoices which are issued and archived electronically. 

  • Easy integration

    Thanks to an integration procedure which is in line with current standards, the e-Invoice application is integrated into the Revenue Administration system, automating the receipt and transmission of e-invoices. e-Invoice solutions can also be easily integrated into other software and systems that are used by companies, as well as the general business processes of companies. 

  • Unlimited authorization

    An unlimited number of users can be authorized in e-Invoice solutions. This allows each user to gain access to the solution based on their authority.  

  • Savings on the cost of cash registers

    Businesses using the e-Invoice solution for all their sales gain a cost advantage since there is no obligation to use cash registers (CR). 

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the e-Invoice application?

    e-Invoice is an electronic application which includes electronic documents that contain all the information that an invoice should have as per the Tax Procedure Law, which are prepared in accordance with the data format and standards set by the Revenue Administration. It is implemented under the supervision of the Revenue Administration to ensure the safe and healthy circulation of invoices between sellers and buyers. 

  • Who can use the e-Invoice?

    Taxpayers who are Incorporated, Limited, and Unlimited companies, as well as companies incorporated by Real Persons can benefit from the e-Invoice application.

  • What advantages does the e-Invoice solution provide?

    Since invoices are transferred to the electronic environment through the e-Invoice solution, costs related to paper, printing, mailing, archiving, etc. and the workload associated with them are eliminated. As paper consumption is minimized, the cutting of hundreds of thousands of trees every year is prevented. Thanks to electronic distribution, invoicing and accounting processes are expedited, saving time. In addition to the facilitation of the transmission processes, the need for a physical space for archives is eliminated by the safe storage of invoices in the electronic environment. Where an issued invoice needs to be accessed later on, the relevant invoice can be found in seconds; no invoice can be lost. Furthermore, the error rate decreases thanks to the real-time and automatic saving of data during the preparation of invoices.

  • What do I need to do to use the e-Invoice solution?

    A company that would like to use the e-Invoice should first submit a written application to the Revenue Administration. After the application is approved, the Financial Seal Certificate is received for the relevant Legal Entities. For Real Persons, it is sufficient to have an e-Signature. (Real Persons can also sign their invoices with a financial seal if they wish to do so.) Each user must create their own user account on the e-Invoice application. 

  • What is the eLogo Private Integrator Service?

    The eLogo Private Integrator Service provides a fast and secure system that runs actively 24/7. This allows for any e-Invoice transaction to be sent and/or received to be performed by the information processing system of the service provider eLogo, which has the required technical competence and the license as a private integrator, as granted by the Revenue Administration.

  • What is the difference between e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice?

    In the e-Invoice application, e-Invoices can only be sent to and received from users registered in the system. In the e-Archive application, businesses and consumers who are not covered by the e-Invoice application and are therefore not able to benefit from it, can also be issued Invoices through the e-Archive. Copies of invoices can also be electronically stored and submitted.

  • Can I send e-Invoices to all my customers?

    The e-Invoice application allows electronic invoices to be sent and received only by the taxpayers within this system. Therefore, printed invoices or e-Archive Invoices must be issued in accordance with the general provisions for customers who are not e-Invoice users.