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With Logo Diva Retail Merchandising Management solutions, manage all merchandising processes via on premise or cloud systems.

Custom solutions are needed to manage business processes in the retail sector, which has a highly dynamic structure. Efficient management of stock, sales points, cash registers, and back office processes is required for the seamless operation of the value chain built to offer the desired product to the customer, at the desired time and with desired quality. Solutions that can succeed in this way provide retail businesses with the agility and flexibility that they need. And this results in increased customer satisfaction, sales and profitability.

Offered as a built-in or cloud-based solution, considering the requirements of the retail industry, the Logo Retail Solutions enables the front office and back office transactions of retail stores to be managed in real time. Therefore, all processes ranging from sales invoices and returns to campaigns and price management, from stock control and customer records to purchasing and payment systems as well as campaign planning can be executed quickly and easily. 

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Single-point management of all transactions from cash register to stock control
  • Seamless and real-time communication
  • Mobile reporting and tracking
  • Optional on premise usage or cloud technology that does not require investment