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With Logo Mind Budget, manage your budget in a fast, flexible, and secure manner.

Budget periods are critical times for shaping business roadmap and drawing its financial picture. Data accuracy and reliability, accurate predictions, and flexibility to make revisions are very important in this labor-intensive and lengthy process. Therefore, you need a system with strong control mechanisms that achieves data control and eliminates errors in data entry. This solution provides a flexible and reliable work platform, and guarantees discipline and consistency in preparing budgets. By speeding up and facilitating budget processes, you achieve labor and time savings, control costs, and improve financial results.

Offered with robust and innovative Logo technologies, the Logo Mind Budget improves the reliability of budgets made, in addition to speeding up and facilitating the project management of businesses. Logo Mind Budget, which is the first step for consistent predictions and correct decisions, significantly reduces the time required for preparing a budget, and facilitates budget revisions. Logo Mind Budget's forecasting with greater accuracy and better budget planning capabilities boost financial success.


  • Time and labor savings in preparing budgets
  • Ability to compare target and actual budgets
  • Consolidation of different budgets
  • Easy budget design with Excel workbook logic
  • Creating budgets in foreign currencies