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Enabling businesses of all scales to manage their Occupational Health and Safety processes in accordance with the legal regulations, eLogo OHS solution reduces the workload of occupational safety specialists, as well as workplace physicians.

Wide range of uses
The eLogo OHS solution can be used by workplace physicians and occupational safety specialists working at enterprises classified as Moderately Hazardous, Hazardous, and Very Hazardous, as well as those working at the Common Health and Safety Units. In addition, workplace physicians and occupational safety specialists who privately serve companies can benefit from this solution.

Usage as required
While the eLogo OHS product covers both Occupational Health and Occupational Safety solutions, it can be used to include only the Occupational Health or Occupational Safety solutions based on the requirements of the company. 

Compliant with legislation
Designed considering the processes in the Occupational Health and Safety Law No. 6331, the eLogo OHS solution closely follows the latest up-to-date legal regulations.

Approved by the Ministry of Health
The eLogo OHS solution improves the OHS processes of enterprises, as a software approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.


  • Built-in or cloud-based use

    The eLogo OHS solution can be used either on-site or in the cloud, depending on business preference. 

  • Comprehensive process management

    Occupational Health (e-Prescription, periodic examination, vaccination follow-up, etc.) and Occupational Safety processes can easily be managed with eLogo OHS. This allows all the necessary activities to be performed in a timely and accurate manner.

  • User-friendly design

    Transactions can be completed in a short period of time, and tracked easily with eLogo OHS which is designed considering the ease of use for occupational safety specialists and workplace physicians.

  • Effective notification system

    Prescriptions written by workplace physicians can be delivered to employees through eLogo OSH via SMS. In addition, the data that must be notified by companies to the Ministry of Labor and Social Security is easily sent via the system. 

  • Always up to date

    OHS legislation is closely monitored and rapidly integrated into eLogo OHS.