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With Logo Start 3 all micro businesses can track their stock, costs, cash, invoices, orders, payments and collections, and manage their banking and customer information from a single point. Thus, control and efficiency are improved at every step from bank accounts to monthly payments, inventory information and issuance of e-Invoices.

For stronger steps 

The primary objective of small businesses is to gain profit from their commercial activities, and the next step is to gradually grow their businesses. Easy and quick to deploy, Logo Start 3 provides the necessary technological infrastructure to reach targets, as well as meeting all the needs for daily transactions. Whatever the sector, all small businesses may take the first step to digitalization with Logo Start. Thus, they can track their stocks, costs, cash, invoices, orders, payments and collections, and manage their banking and customer information from a single point without requiring large investments.

Integration with e-Government solutions

Small businesses that want to add the comfort of e-Government Solutions to the convenient features offered by Logo Start 3, can also purchase these solutions as an additional service with the assurance of eLogo. 
e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice and e-Dispatch solutions work integrated with Logo Start 3. Thus, it becomes possible to switch to the e-Government solutions easily and quickly without requiring any additional application. With Logo Start 3, the transition to e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice and e-Dispatch provides ease of operation as well as savings on paper and printing costs.


  • All data at a single point

    Logo Start 3 moves the data stored in various environments to a single system. Thus, the files are not messy, account errors do not occur; revenues, expenses, inventories, invoices, in short, all the information required is kept securely in Logo Start 3.

  • Close monitoring of stock

    Stock levels should be kept under control at all times for product continuity and customer satisfaction. Logo Start 3 simplifies stock monitoring with an unlimited number of product cards showing current stock information, product entries and exits, consignments, stock values, and product visuals. 

  • Comprehensive banking transactions

    With Logo Start 3, you don’t have to spend time on banking transactions. Commercial accounts and credit accounts in banks can be tracked separately or collectively, using bank/branch codes. Money orders, EFTs, cheque/note payments and incoming payments can be easily tracked with Logo Start 3. 

  • Cash register and check/note transactions under control

    All sorts of daily cash activities such as check/note collections and payments, invoice payments, and transfers between cash registers can be easily tracked with Logo Start 3. Valuable papers such as checks and notes can be recorded with date, number and term information. Using the records created, the status (“portfolio,” “endorsed,” “submitted to bank,” etc.) of checks and notes can be tracked at every step, not missing any detail. Receipts and account statements required for checks and notes whose status have changed are automatically created by Logo Start 3.

  • Easy follow-up of orders

    Correct management of orders is as important as the product or service quality in terms of customer satisfaction. Logo Start 3 records incoming orders with accompanying data such as customer information, order date, and delivery date, and allows single-point monitoring of every order. Thus, all orders from the same customer can be viewed on a single screen. By comparing orders and stock levels, Logo Start 3 can directly place orders if stock levels are insufficient. 

  • Up-to-date customer information

    Monthly sales amounts, balances, risks, and risk limits of customers can be defined to the current accounts created in Logo Start 3 for each customer. Reports on the distribution of product purchases/sales can be generated for selected dates on the basis of current account transactions recorded in the form of rows.

  • Convenience in invoicing operations

    Logo Start 3 automatically manages the process of invoicing orders as well. It can easily transform incoming orders to dispatches, and dispatches to invoices. Previously defined discounts, expenses and promotions are directly reflected in invoices. 

  • Credit card or installment sales

    Credit card sales, collections and bank refunds can be easily monitored with Logo Start 3, and repayment plans can be created by defining separate bank and point commissions for each account. Logo Start 3 can also be used to make sales in installments, transform all invoice transactions to installments, create new payment plans, and track missing payments

  • Improvable technology

    Logo Start 3 provides a technologically sound system as it uses the same infrastructure as the upper segment products. As the business grows, it is possible to move all data from Logo Start 3 to an upper segment system easily and without any loss. In addition, various fast and affordable applications that are developed by Logo Solution Partners for businesses and sectors and which are integrated with the Logo Start 3 database usage license can also be easily used together with Logo Start 3.

  • Ease of use thanks to the new interface

    Renewed based on user feedback, Logo Start 3 offers an ease of use that has never been seen before. Visually renewed with a more aesthetic and easy-to-read design, Logo Start 3’s desktop allows fast and easy access to all information. It is possible to display the whole menu on the desktop at a time and access all functions. Every module, screen, report, transaction information can be accessed quickly from the desktop thanks to the “Search” button. Users who continually switch between many windows can see the open windows on the bottom side of the screen with icons that can easily be recognized; thus time savings are achieved.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the maximum number of users that I can have in the Logo Start 3 product?

    Logo Start 3 is a single-user product.

  • Which database does the Logo Start 3 product work on?

    It supports the MS SQL Server database.

  • My stock and customer definitions are recorded in Excel; can I export my data from Excel into the product?

    When you start using the Logo Start 3 product or whenever you need, you can transfer material cards, customers, and price lists via data transfer through Excel.

  • How can I manage stock operations? Can I calculate costs?

    With the ability to define an unlimited number of stock cards, you can manage your stock in real time by performing all stock operations (consumption, waste, over-counting, undercounting, stock opening). You can calculate your costs using FIFO and Moving Weighted Average methods, and generate inventory and cost reports.

  • Can I perform order-tracking?

    You can track orders from a single point with details such as customer information, date of order, and delivery date. Logo Start 3 will place orders for you depending on your stock levels.

  • How can I manage the processes of Order, Dispatch, and Invoice?

    With Logo Start 3, you can easily reflect orders and dispatches in invoices, define formulas for discounts, expenses and promotions, implement discounts or promotions on the basis of stock or invoice totals, and enter any number of expenses. You can attach payment plans to stock levels or transfer the payment plan of the current account to the invoice, and save time by automatically transforming your purchase invoices to sales invoices.

  • How can I track my customers?

    With the ability to define an unlimited number of current account cards, you can define your customers with relevant contact and commercial information and perform payment and collection operations. You can track your customers in real time with debt tracking and debt/receivable status reports.

  • Which payment tools can I use to make sales?

    You can make your payments by Cash, Check, Note, Credit Card, Store Card, Installment, and Bank Money Transfer/EFT transactions.

  • How can I track my Bank Transactions?

    You can track your commercial and credit accounts in banks separately or collectively using bank/branch codes. You can easily track any money transfer, EFT, and check/note transactions made via the bank, as well as payments received.

  • How can I track my check/note transactions?

    You can record your valuable papers such as checks and notes with date, number, and term information, and easily access them anytime. You can use the cards to follow the status of checks and notes at every step.

  • I require e-Government solutions such as e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice and e-Dispatch as well. Can I use these with Logo Start 3?

    You may use e-Invoice, e-Archive Invoice and e-Dispatch e-Government solutions, which are compatible with the regulations and communiqués issued by Revenue Administration, with Logo Start 3 product.