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With powerful control mechanisms and data entry features that leave no room for errors, Logo Mind Budget provides time savings during budget preparation periods, and facilitates budget management by allowing each department to create their own budget on a common platform.

Reliable budgets 
Logo Mind Budget improves the reliability of the created budgets, in addition to speeding up and facilitating the budget management processes of businesses. It ensures data control through powerful control mechanisms, while offering a system that leaves no room for errors in data entry practices. Offering a flexible and reliable work platform thanks to its advanced software architecture, Logo Mind Budget ensures discipline and consistency in budget preparation. 

 Time savings 
Logo Mind Budget, which is the first step for consistent predictions and correct decisions, significantly reduces the time required for preparing a budget, and facilitates budget revisions. While providing labor and time savings by speeding up and facilitating budget processes, Logo Mind Budget also improves cost controls, and financial results. 


  • Fast and reliable data entry

    Logo Mind Budget enhances budget reliability with a structure that enables data entry with maximum accuracy. In addition, thanks to its Microsoft Excel-compatible architecture, fast data transfer from Excel becomes possible. Organizational charts, budget items, sub-budgets, budget dimensions and payment plans can easily be identified on a single screen in the system, enabling planned budgets to be quickly implemented. This provides savings in human resources as the time and effort spent during the budget preparation period are also significantly reduced.

  • Different budget models with flexible architecture

    The budgeting architecture used in the Logo Mind Budget solution allows for the flexible definition of applied parameters for every budget component. Adapting these parameters for future possible scenarios allows different budget models to be created quickly. Therefore, businesses are able to make budget calculations based on different possibilities. 

  • User-friendly design

    Employees are able to quickly become familiar with Logo Mind Budget, thanks to its design that responds to the work habits of businesses in different industries. Enabling fast data entry with its design that is similar to the cell and page structure of Microsoft Excel, this solution also provides ease of use with its innovative, scalable, IT-independent, and user-friendly structure that is open to joint collaborative work.

  • Budgeting with different breakdowns

    With Logo Mind Budget, budgeting can be based on the departments, organizations, and companies, and the items in each budget can be created based on the chart of accounts. Any sub-budget can be used by being reflected on multiple points within the overall budget architecture. This improves the consistency of the overall budget. The target and actual values in the budget can be monitored, and the percentage-based and numerical differences can be generated and compared with previous years. In addition, if you want to distribute budget items based on targets, various distribution options based on amounts, percentages, the amounts and rates of the previous year, or quarters can be used in Logo Mind Budget. 

  • Consolidation advantage

    Budgets prepared with Logo Mind Budget based on departments, organizations or functions can be consolidated in the system. This provides compatibility between sub-budgets, and enables the overall budget outlook of the business to be quickly identified. For example, the budget prepared for the marketing department is consolidated with the general budget, and then, the budgets in the subdivision can be easily accessed via the same screen. In addition, financial reports such as the cash flow report, income statement and balance sheet can be generated in Logo Mind Budget and budget analyses can be easily performed by means of pivot tables, advanced graphics and standard reports. Integrated with Logo Mind Budget, Logo Mind Insight business analytics solution offers users an easy-to-read and highly interactive screens by retrieving information from its source.

  • Functional note-taking feature

    Logo Mind Budget offers a functional note-taking feature so that users don’t feel lost in detailed budget items and they can inform other users. Descriptive notes added in the budget increase the reliability of the budget by strengthening communication and information sharing among employees, while facilitating the budget follow-up.

  • Authorization and security

    The budget preparation process is team work. With its detailed authorization feature, Logo Mind Budget enables all grades of roles to see screens that match their respective levels of authority. This makes job descriptions easier and the system becomes more secure and effective with advanced features such as scheduled tasks and budget locking. 

  • Easy budgeting

    Logo Mind Budget allows budgeting for the planned new period by copying the previous year's budget.  

  • Compatibility with the global structure

    Logo Mind Budget stands out as a budgeting solution preferred by businesses that operate on a global scale with multiple currencies and companies, and goals for further growth. Companies operating in the global markets or those which foreign investors are interested in, are able to prepare financial reports that comply with global criteria with Logo Mind Budget.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I get in touch with your business partners?

    You can access the contact information of Logo business partners through the business partner contact page on our website.

  • How can I get detailed information about the product?

    For more information about Logo Mind Budget, you can review the introductory brochure, watch the product video or contact Logo business partners.

  • How many budgets can I prepare with Logo Mind Budget?

    You can prepare up to 5 different budgets with the main package. You can also get a license for more budgets where required.

  • How is the integration with the Logo ERP products?

    When you integrate the Logo Mind Budget product with the Logo ERP products (Logo j-Platform, GO, Tiger and Netsis series products), ready-made models are created, allowing you to reflect your actual data on the budget.

  • We used to prepare our previous budgets in Excel; can we transfer our budget format in Excel to Logo Mind Budget?

    Yes; you can directly export your budget format from Excel after you convert the budget items, organizations and dimensions that make up your budget format to the template used by the application.

  • We'll create a budget for the first time, and we don't know how to create a layer in Logo Mind Budget. Where do we start?

    You can ensure that a sample budget is created by responding “yes” to the suggestion of “Would you like a sample budget to be created?” during installation, to be able to understand the basic concepts in the application (budget items, organization, dimensions, sub-budgets) and see the type of the data entry screen with which such a template is created. You can easily create your own template by analyzing your own company structure based on the sample structure in this budget.

  • How should I fill out the actual and planned data of the budget I created?

    You can easily enter your data directly through the Logo Mind Budget editor. You can also transfer both your planned and actual data from Excel. In addition, you can extract data from different applications using ready-made or user-defined models. Furthermore, extracting data from another sub-budget within the budget with the help of the formula is also possible.

  • What should I pay attention to when creating a new data connection to extract planned/actual data from another application?

    To be able to transfer data from another data source to Logo Mind Budget, a structure that allows the matching of values in the row where you will extract data with the values in the data source must be provided. Once this pairing is correctly established, a “Scheduled Task” must definitely be defined to be able to access the data source in a certain period of time and extract the live data.

  • How can I consolidate the budgets of two different companies?

    After you prepare the infrastructure of the two different budgets separately, you can transfer the total values of these two budgets to a new one with the easy formula interface, and view your company budgets and their consolidated states separately.

  • How do I create planned financial reports?

    You can create them by using either the standard financial report templates (cash flow, income statement, balance sheet) or by creating your own custom financial report templates. You can create your planned financial reports by extracting data by means of formulas based on the planned values you entered in the application.

  • Should I create a different budget for each year?

    No; the time interval which we call "The budget period" can be tailored to your needs. You can create budgets for periods less than a full year such as the January-September period or a time interval spanning more than a year.

  • Can an approved budget be revised?

    You can create new revisions of the budget as of the date you would like to make changes by storing the approved budget as the “Master Budget”. 

  • Can I use the draft budget I created in the previous year for the new budget period?

    You can replicate your previous budgets either with their data and formulas, or as blank templates with the budget replication infrastructure.

  • How can I ensure that each department is only able to view their own budget?

    You can determine the authorizations of users based on budgets/sub-budgets/organization from the user authorization menu, and also provide authorizations based on the actions that users will be able to perform in the budget (formula creation, exporting to Excel, creating a data connection, etc.).

  • We have items which we budgeted based on different currency types within the same budget. Is it possible to follow them on Logo Mind Budget?

    Yes; Logo Mind Budget allows you to manage items with different types of currencies in a single budget. You can follow the currency type definitions as well as the planned/actual exchange rate values via the application.