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Connect Bank combines the accounts of a business and the branches of the banks that it works it, enabling bank transactions to be performed safely, quickly and easily without any duplicate entries.

Several banking transactions from a single point Many banking transactions including wires, EFTs, checks/bonds, invoice and salary payments, can be performed with a single click in the ERP without the need to go to the branch or the need for internet banking, thanks to Connect Bank.


  • Operational efficiency

    Connect Bank, which can be used by businesses of all sizes, improves operational efficiency by facilitating banking transactions.

  • Integration with ERP

    Thanks to Connect Bank's integration with the ERP system, banking transactions can be carried out in the ERP with one click, providing time savings in addition to ease of transactions.

  • Banks in the system

    Connect Bank is fully integrated with Turkey's leading banks including Akbank, Yapı Kredi Bank, Garanti Bank and Vakıfbank.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What is Connect Bank?

    Connect Bank enables banking transactions including Wires, EFTs, Checks/Bonds, Invoice and Salary Payments, and Account Statements to be safely, quickly and easily performed and recognized with a single click in the ERP without the need to go to a branch or use internet banking.

  • Which banks work with Connect Bank?

    Connect Bank currently works with Akbank, Vakıfbank, Garanti Bank and Yapı Kredi Bank.

  • Do businesses with offices in multiple locations have to purchase Connect Bank for each location?

    For companies operating within a common commercial system at different locations, purchasing only one Connect Bank solution is sufficient. For example, if each office uses the same Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise ERP solution, purchasing a single Connect Bank solution is sufficient. However, if different commercial products are used in each location, it is necessary to obtain a separate Connect Bank for each of them.

  • What are the advantages of the Connect Bank application?

    You can quickly perform banking transactions without the need to go to the branch or to use internet banking which saves time. You can complete the operations in the ERP through Connect Bank, simplifying processes and improving efficiency.

  • Is it necessary to make a payment to the bank to use the application?

    No, you don’t need to pay an extra fee to your bank to benefit from the Connect Bank application. (You should contact your bank for their transaction fee policies.)