Logo has been pursuing its firm growth with 32% revenue CAGR (compound annual growth rate) in the last 5 years.

Coretech was acquired.
Majority shares of World BI were acquired.
Logo BI was introduced to users.
Logo e-Ledger was introduced to users.
Logo Mobile was introduced to users.
Logo Store was introduced to users.
Logo e-Invoice was introduced to users.
j-Guar was introduced to users.
Mediterra Capital Partners acquired 34.60% of the shares of Logo.
Netsis was acquired.
A memorandum of understanding was signed for the acquisition of the shares of İntermat Bilişim.
Logo Elektronik (eLogo) was acquired.
The 30th anniversary of the company was celebrated.
İntermat was acquired.
Sempa was acquired.
Vardar Yazılım was acquired.
The commercial information platform FİGO was founded with FIT Solutions.
The Series 3 products were put on market.
The free float rate increased from 25% to 61% with the sales of shares to qualified investors.
Romania-based Total Soft was acquired.
The software company Logo Infosoft (Logo Infosoft Business Technology Private Limited) was established to operate in India with GSF Software Labs LLC.
Logo Wings products were put on market.
e-Dispatch product was released to market.
Logo Jugnu was put on market.
The venture capital fund Logo Ventures was established.
Logo KOBİ Dijital Hizmetler was established.
Logo Total Soft acquired Architected Business Solutions (ABS).
Logo Tiger Wings Enterprise and Netsis Wings Enterprise were released to market.
Logo’s World of Opportunities started to operate.
FİGO was sold to F.I.T. Solutions with a share of 50%.
Logo Vyapari was put on market.
The solution eLogo OSH was put on market.
35th anniversary celebrated
Logo WMS Platform was launched to the market.
Became the first software company included in Turquality®️.
Digital transformation services were established.
Logo Vyapari was selected as one of 8 GSTN approved software.​
Logo GO Wings was introduced to the market.
Logo Netsis Wings Integrated was introduced to the market