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Logo D.O.S.T. (Digital Maturity Level Test) survey

This survey, where you will submit your information, is prepared to inform you of your current situation by examining your company regarding “Digitalization” in 4 aspects.

This model is intended to give an insight into close and medium term plans except to the extent of variances between businesses depending on the industry or business line.

The model is designated with “human” placed at the core of “Digitalization”, and shaped by the concept of “Experience” which is influential over human's decision-making process.

- Customer experience: Refers to the level of digitalization of the products or services offered by you at the points where you contact your customers.

- Employee experience: Refers to the digitalization level of employees that make up businesses - i.e. of organizational structure - culture and innovation approach.

- Strategy & management experience: Refers to the digitalization dimension of the company's strategies of the products or services that will generate customer experience and the company's priorities in digitalization.

- Technological experience: Refers to the digitalization level of production technologies owned by the company as well as the automation and integration levels of information systems and other systems owned and used by the company.

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