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From the day of foundation, Logo has always been based on values such as unity and solidarity, mutual understanding, perfectionism, responsibility, and creativity. All business decisions are guided by these values.

Life at Logo

Logo operates as a software development center within the GOSB Teknopark. It has its own 11,000 square meter building in the GOSB Teknopark, built in line with the regulation on organized industrial zones. It has been operating out of the Gebze campus since 2000. In addition, it has R&D centers in Ankara Cyberpark and in the Urla Institute of High Technology Campus, İzmir.

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Social activities and sports

Logo employees who are interested in sailing can join the Logo Sailing Team sponsored by Logo, which has a successful track of record in competitions.
In addition to sports facilities within the Gebze campus for walking, basketball, volleyball, table tennis and among others, Logo employees have access to showers and locker rooms.
The music room at Gebze Campus allows employees to engage in their hobbies and develop music skills, and offers them the opportunity to take part in monthly live music performances held at the campus.
Various performances, speeches and meetings of a social and cultural nature are held at our conference hall, which can seat 170 people and has an amphitheater design and acoustic sound system, and training programs are held in our large training rooms.
Photographs taken by employees are exhibited in the large foyer area.
Special occasions such as the anniversary of the company’s foundation, new year, and festivals are celebrated with various events and festivities. During summer months, traditional poolside barbecue parties are held in Gebze Campus yard.
The Log-in cafe within the campus offers an opportunity to relax and socialize, in addition to food and beverages
For our female employees with infant children, our Gebze and Alsancak offices have quiet, clean and comfortable nursing rooms.


Logo values its employees and is proud to be working with them on a long-term basis, and honors employees’ 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th years at the company with plaques awarded in annual events.

Healthy nutrition

Lunch is served at the cafeteria of the Gebze Campus by the catering firm ISS, with a strict observance of hygiene standards.

Menus are prepared to provide a balanced diet of proteins, carbohydrates, and vegetables. Vegetarian and gluten-free menus are also available. Nutritional values of menu items are provided to support a balanced diet.

Social responsibility

Logo employees provide financial and moral support in social responsibility activities, and try to add value to different lives.

Logo supports Tema in its efforts to fight soil erosion and plant trees. It also provides support to the Environmental Protection and Ecology Journal’s project “Save Turkey from Becoming a Desert” and other afforestation projects.

In addition, various aid projects are organized for kindergarten and elementary school students, among others.

Careers at Logo

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Careers at Logo