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Large businesses

With Logo solutions designed specifically for large businesses and holdings, achieve central and efficient management of all processes from production to human resources, and from after-sales services to budget management.

The larger the size of a company, the stronger their technological infrastructure needs to be to effectively manage this structure. With an increase in business volume and the number of employees, efficient supervision of processes becomes more important than ever.

Especially for large businesses operating with multiple firms or with a large network of dealers, the biggest help at this point is an IT solution that was developed with the needs of different sectors in mind, and can be supported with additional applications.

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What are the benefits of special solutions for large businesses?

The needs of large businesses, especially for those that make significant contributions to national economies in terms of production, sales, and exports, are more varied compared to other businesses. Therefore, custom solutions developed with these needs in mind would significantly increase the efficiency of these businesses and holdings, and help them preserve their competitive advantage and improve their operations in overseas markets.

Are there sectoral differences in solutions for large businesses?

Large businesses and holdings may operate in multiple fields at once. Therefore, these businesses need to use solutions that can be adapted to sectoral differences as well as meeting the basic needs and expectations of businesses of this size.

What should you look for in solutions for large businesses?

Large businesses may have diverse needs; therefore, choosing a solution platform that can offer solutions for all of these needs would facilitate the implementation process, as well as the processes of adaptation and deployment. In addition, it is very important to install a system that allows single-point management of multiple companies and monitoring and supervision of overseas operations, comprehensive human resources, and transactions between companies, in other words, to enrich and support the ERP backbone with additional applications for HR management, budget planning, occupational health and safety, data analysis, workflow management, and the like.

Special solutions for large companies

Developing custom solutions for large businesses to manage their business processes in a practical and efficient manner at a much lower cost, Logo spreads the idea of quality and efficiency throughout a business, starting with employees. Logo’s solutions in this field provide multiple advantages such as achieving a flow of information between departments, streamlining complex business processes, and enabling efficient management of customer relations.

solutions fo
large companies

Enterprise resource planning

With comprehensive standard modules and optional additional modules of Logo’s SRP solutions for large businesses and holdings, you can manage all processes, from production to sales, in the most efficient manner possible.

Rich business functions for all business processes

Application-specific to manufacturing processes

Needs-based customization

Single point management of grouped companies

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Payroll management

With Logo’s payroll management solutions, lower your workload and improve the efficiency of your HR processes regardless of the size of your team.

Speed and efficiency in payroll operations

Zaman ve maliyet tasarrufu

Tek ekran üzerinden kolay takip

Yasal mevzuata tam uyum

BES uygulamalarında kolaylık

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Human resources process management

With Logo’s HR solutions, obtain the highest efficiency from your human resources and facilitate a central management of human resources in different companies.

Single-point management of all HR processes

Time and labor savings

Optional web-based usage

Compliant with legislation

Self-service usage via portal

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Data analysis and reporting

With the data analysis and reporting solutions offered by Logo, easily analyze and effectively visualize and report big data to improve your decision-making mechanisms.

Data integration and central management of data

Self-service visualization and analysis

Strong analysis infrastructure

Ability to create scenarios

Ready-made reports

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Budget management

With Logo Mind Budget solution, manage the budgets of your different companies in a speedy, flexible and reliable manner, and achieve time and labor savings.

Time and labor savings in preparing budgets

Real time comparison of target and actual budgets

Consolidation of different budgets

Mobile use

Easy budget design with Excel workbook logic

Creating budgets in foreign currencies

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Warehouse management system

With Logo Ocean, optimize every movement of goods in your entire value chain from production to sales, and increase profits and efficiency via optimum management of warehouse processes.

Management of all warehouse and logistical operations from a single platform

Time and cost savings

Process automation feature

Integration with new generation technologies such as barcodes, RFID, and data matrix

Integrated handheld terminal usage

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Retail merchandising management

With Logo Diva Retail Merchandising Management solutions, manage processes in all of your stores via cloud systems.

Higher levels of customer satisfaction

Single-point management of all transactions from cash register to stock control

Seamless and real-time communication

Cloud technology that doesn’t require any investment

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After sales service management

With Logo Diva service, manage after-sales processes in the cloud to achieve cost savings.

Cloud technology that doesn’t require any investment

Increased customer satisfaction

Real-time communication between headquarters and service points

Standardization and supervision of service processes

Mobile use

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Retail channel management

With Logo Diva channel, manage your sales channel with cloud flexibility and capture the power of digital transformation.

Cloud technology that doesn’t require any investment

Increased customer satisfaction

Real-time communication between head office and the dealer/branch

Comprehensive payment and campaign options

Mobile use

Integration with E-solutions

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With Logo’s wide range of E-solutions from E-invoice to E-dispatch, follow developments in digital transformation closely and fully comply with legislation.

Fully compliant with legislation

Cost and labor savings

Reduction of human processes and human error

Full integration with ERP

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Customer relations management

With Logo CRM, manage customer relations more efficiently, and get to know the market and your customers better to improve your operations and increase customer satisfaction.

Strong organizational memory and effective monitoring of the sales team

Efficient management of customers and potential customers

Communicate anywhere with mobile applications

Integration with Logo ERP solutions

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Field sales management

Gain a competitive edge by increasing sales efficiency while meeting customer demands in the best way possible with the Logo Mobile Sales Field Sales Management solution.

Rapid response to customer requests

Can be used on all mobile devices

Location control of sales teams thanks to location information via GPS

Print invoices via bluetooth-connected printer

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Workflow management

Make your processes run seamlessly by moving all paper workflow applications to the electronic environment, gain a competitive edge, and dedicate the time and labor savings gained to innovation.

Faster and more efficient process management

Moving all workflows including approvals to the digital environment

Time and cost savings

Wide range of modules

Faster communication between departments

Single-pointed, secure and effective monitoring of all processes

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Occupational health and safety

With eLogo OHS approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, manage your occupational health and safety processes in line with current legislation.

Compliant with the Occupational Safety Law no. 6331

Web-based management of all OHS processes in a single platform in the digital environment

Submit data required by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and keep this data for 10 years

Easy and fast submission of E-prescriptions

Onboard or cloud usage

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