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ISO 27001 information security management systems policy

Logo takes all the necessary measures according to the Information security management system policy and has activities to ensure business continuity at all sites; minimizes losses and risks arising from security breaches; enables internal integrity, and protects all physical and electronic information assets.

Logo protects the information created, processed and stored in the technology infrastructure, as well as the systems in which such information is created, processed and stored against certain risks in the most appropriate way.

Any company and customer data, as well as the applications and systems in which this data is created, processed and stored are used and protected in accordance with these principles.

Logo organizes the trainings required to increase the awareness of its employees on information security, and the protection of information assets as part of the ISO 27001 Information Security Management System.

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ISO 9001 quality management system policy

The general policy of Logo is to develop products and services that create added value for the financial management and productivity of its customers, by fully understanding their requirements and expectations, and to continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.

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ISO 22301 international business continuity management system policy

Logo's business continuity policy continues to meet the expectations and needs of customers even under the most adverse conditions. For this purpose, Logo aims to carry out its operations by placing the utmost value in the security of its products and services, as well as the security and well-being of its employees and stakeholders. Therefore, it adheres to a business continuity plan to provide uninterrupted, high-quality services to customers; to win over new customers; to ensure the well-being of its customers, solution partners and employees; and to protect the interests of its shareholders/partners. The company’s goal here is to ensure that the necessary/critical operations become functional at a level that is acceptable to the customers, as soon as possible.

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ISO 10002 customer satisfaction management system policy

The goal of this policy is to transform the requests and notifications received from our customers into customer satisfaction by evaluating them in line with legislative requirements, and to continuously improve this process by measuring its effectiveness. As Logo, we are committed to addressing any negative feedback received from our customers in a customer-oriented manner in accordance with our Customer Satisfaction Principles.

Our customer satisfaction principles

To be open to our customers' demands and negative feedback;

To address all requests and negative feedback in a transparent, quick and reassuring manner;

To review the negative feedback received from our customers carefully, fairly and impartially regardless of their subject and level of importance; to provide a solution and/or solution alternatives as a result of the review;

To establish communication channels with all of the concerned parties and to enable information flow and traceability;

To ensure that the problems of our customers are solved quickly and properly by placing importance on trainings for our Business Partners;

To provide customer-oriented solutions by working on the measurement of satisfaction for our products and services, and finding out the expectations and recommendations of our customers;

To identify the opportunities for improvement in products, services, systems and processes based on the requests and suggestions of our customers and employees; and to perform the necessary related work;

To ensure the continuity of improvement by identifying the areas with room for improvement and regularly reviewing processes to increase efficiency, so that any cases of dissatisfaction are not re-experienced;

To protect information about our customers in accordance with our Information Security Policy;

To ensure that the decisions taken in relation to customer requests and the relevant process are openly traceable, and to identify our activities for improvement;

To create channels to ensure that our customers deliver their requests and feedback, and that they are quickly responded to.

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TS 13149 software industry service site qualification certificate

Logo meets the structural features set for workplaces serving in the software industry, and is compliant with the general rules regarding management, technical equipment and employees in accordance with TS 13149.

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