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Acquire the infrastructure you need for growth with the most reasonable conditions, with the Logo portfolio, which offers the entire range of solutions needed by micro businesses.

For start-ups or micro businesses, the first step is to compensate for the costs of starting the business as soon as possible, and to start turning a profit. The next goal is to focus on growth. These businesses have limited human resources by nature, and technological solutions play an important role in reaching these goals. Custom solutions that recognize the specific needs of micro businesses and developed on this basis enable single-pointed management of the entire process, and with rapid deployment, help businesses start operating efficiently in a short period of time.

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Setting up a strong technological infrastructure allows micro businesses to run their processes in the fastest and most efficient manner possible with their limited human resources. Solutions for many processes, from accounting to basic enterprise resource planning (ERP) and from customer relations management to sales, help micro businesses to become profitable in a short period of time, and gain significant momentum for growth.

There are certainly differences between the needs of a manufacturing business and a business operating in the service sector. Therefore, it is important to use solutions that can be customized on the basis of sectoral differences, as well as common solutions that apply to all micro businesses.

Micro businesses are businesses that have high growth potential. Thus, it is important to prefer solutions that go beyond meeting current needs, are improvable and flexible, and can be upgraded easily to meet potential future needs. In addition, it is important for the standardization of the internal processes of a business, that the solutions used in the company have the ability to be integrated with each other.

Special solutions for micro businesses

With its solutions for micro businesses, Logo offers effective management of all business processes from accounting to sales management, and from data analysis to payroll operations. With their customizable structure that provides cost and competitive advantages, Logo solutions also offer flexibility to micro businesses.

solutions for
micro companies

Enterprise resource planning

With Logo ERP solutions specifically developed for micro businesses, manage your resources in the most efficient manner possible to achieve time and cost savings, and get one step closer to your growth targets.

End-to-end management of all processes from orders to shipments

More efficient cost management

Time savings and cost advantages

Customizable structure

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Payroll management

With Logo’s Payroll Management solutions, lower your workload and manage your limited human resources in the most efficient manner possible.

Speed and efficiency in payroll operations

Time and cost savings

Easy monitoring via a single screen

Fully compliant with legislation

Facilitates individual pension system processes

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Data analysis and reporting

With the data analysis and reporting solutions offered by Logo, easily analyze and effectively visualize and report your data to take the first step towards growing your business in a healthier manner.

Data integration and central management of data

Self-service visualization and analysis

Strong analysis infrastructure

Senaryo oluşturma özelliği

Ready-made reports

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Warehouse management system

Use Logo Neon, custom-developed for micro businesses, to control every movement at your warehouse with hand terminals.

Increased profits with faster business processes

Elimination of human errors

Facilitates counting processes

Effective control in shipments and delivery of goods

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Retail merchandising management

With Logo Diva retail merchandising management solutions, manage all merchandising processes via cloud systems.

Higher levels of customer satisfaction

Single-point management of all transactions from cash register to stock control

Seamless and real-time communication

Cloud technology that doesn’t require any investment

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With Logo’s wide range of E-solutions from E-invoice to E-dispatch, follow developments in digital transformation and legislation closely and strengthen your growth potential.

Fully compliant with legislation

Cost and labor savings

Reduction of human processes and human error

Full integration with ERP

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Customer relations management

With Logo CRM, manage your customer relations more efficiently and grow with your customers.

Strong organizational memory and effective monitoring of the sales team

Efficient management of customers and potential customers

Communicate anywhere with mobile applications

Integration with Logo ERP solutions

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Field sales management

Gain a competitive edge by increasing sales efficiency while meeting customer demands in the best way possible with the Logo mobile sales field sales management solution.

Rapid response to customer requests

Can be used on all mobile devices

Location control of sales teams thanks to location information via GPS

Print invoices via Bluetooth-connected printer

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Workflow management

Move workflow applications SMEs usually manage on paper to the electronic environment to ensure seamless operation of all your processes and to gain a competitive edge.

Faster and more efficient process management

Moving all workflows including approvals to the digital environment

Time and cost savings

Wide range of modules

Faster communication between departments

Single-pointed, secure and effective monitoring of all processes

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Occupational health and safety

With eLogo OHS approved by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, manage your occupational health and safety processes in line with current legislation.

Compliant with the Occupational Safety Law no. 6331

Web-based management of all OHS processes in a single platform in the digital environment

Submit data required by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and keep this data for 10 years

Easy and fast submission of E-prescriptions

Onboard or cloud usage

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