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Payroll transactions are performed in compliance with legislation in a fast and error-free manner with the Logo Netsis 3 Bordro solution, which provides automation in payroll transactions, which is a labor and time-intensive process, and also reduces operational costs.

For all businesses 

Any large, medium or small business that wishes to manage payroll processes internally without outsourcing, can easily do so with Logo Netsis 3 Bordro. 


Processes that are compliant with legislation 

Businesses can easily and accurately manage payroll processes in a legally compliant manner with Logo Netsis 3 Bordro, eliminating the need for outsourcing and achieving cost and labor savings. 


  • Compliance with relevant legislation

    With a Registry Management module offered as a standard feature, Logo Netsis 3 Payroll provides the ability to easily create and follow up registry cards and all applicable legal documents. The Documentation Tracking feature of the solution provides quick access to files associated with registry, while the created Time Tracing Logs make it possible to fully access any changes in the registry and legal information and create relevant historical reports. 

  • Communication with the SSI

    With the Logo Netsis 3 Payroll that works in full compliance with the regulations of the Social Security Institution, documents such as the Monthly Premium and Service Certificate, Certificates of Employment and Termination, and e-Declaration can be prepared and transferred to the SSI within the system. 

  • Payroll calculation

    Logo Netsis 3 Payroll facilitates staff's work continuity and payroll calculations. All score card information can be quickly processed and transferred to the system via the Spreadsheet Tool. 

  • Individual retirement transactions

    The optional BES (Individual Retirement System) Automated Participation Integration module enables operations to be managed quickly and practically, thanks to its integration with individual retirement companies. Contracting procedures and the processes for collection of contributions to be recorded into contracts are carried out via Logo Netsis 3 Payroll, which allows participants to easily query their current statuses.  

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I get in touch with your business partners?

    You can access the contact information of Logo business partners through the business partner contact page on our website.

  • How can I get detailed information about Netsis 3 Payroll?

    For more information about Netsis 3 Payroll, you can review the introductory brochure, watch the product video or contact the Logo business partners. You can also contact business partners and participate in product training.

  • What is the number of users and employees defined in the main package of Netsis 3 Payroll?

    10 users and 100 employees are defined in the main package of Netsis 3 Payroll. For additional users and employees, the capability to raise the number of users and employees needs to be purchased.

  • Is there a limit on the number of employees and users?

    There are no limits to the number of employee users.

  • How many workplaces can I define in Netsis 3 Payroll?

    You can define as many workplaces as you like in Netsis 3 Payroll.

  • What languages does Netsis 3 Payroll support?

    The Turkish and English languages are standard in Netsis 3 Payroll. Additionally, language packages for Arabic, Persian, Russian and Azerbaijani are available.

  • What features does Netsis 3 Payroll include?

    Netsis 3 Payroll includes the Registry Management, Payroll and Debited Advance Management features.

  • We want to give premiums and bonuses to employees at the beginning of the year. Can we issue multiple payrolls in the same month with Netsis 3 Payroll?

     Yes, you can issue multiple payrolls within one month.

  • Can we calculate the score cards collectively for employees with the same score card accounts?

    In payroll calculations, you can collectively calculate payrolls instead of making separate calculations by using formulas, for employees with payments and payroll values, all or most of which are the same.

  • Can earnings, additional payments and deductions included in the payroll be automatically reflected on the score card?

    You can define an unlimited number of earnings, additional payments and deductions for your company, and identify which of them will be applied for employees. You can automatically reflect these payments through your payrolls via any calculation method you like.

  • Does the application provide any convenience for union fees?

    For personnel who are union members, you can track them based on their unions and ensure that their fees are automatically reflected on the score cards based on the desired formula.

  • Do you have a reporting system that will facilitate the workflows related to severance pay, notice pay, etc.?

    You can easily retrieve reports such as cost center distribution reports, and severance and notice pay reports that will facilitate and speed up the respective workflows.

  • Is there a debited advance tracking feature in Netsis 3 Payroll?

    A debited advance tracking feature is available in Netsis 3 Payroll. With this feature, you can closely monitor the work advances, salary advances and expenses of your employees, pay employee dues (work advances, salary advances, installment debt, etc.) in installments, determine their payment plans, and create lists and bank information of the personnel based on the format required by the banks.

  • What are the solutions you provide for reporting in Netsis 3 Payroll?

    You can perform your reporting operations with the reporting module. You can design the reports required by the human resources professionals in line with the needs of your company, generate new reports consisting of fields selected from the file areas, change the field names of the reports, calculate intermediate totals based on fields totals that can be calculated, apply filters by applying restrictions based on lists in the areas to be restricted, and obtain standard reports that will help you make the necessary decisions by analyzing standard forms where you will record your transactions and their results, through the reporting tool.

  • Which incentives can be calculated in the program?

    Calculations for any employment laws and incentives such as R&D, Teknokent and 5510 can be made.

  • Can I monitor the participants of and the deductions for the compulsory Individual Retirement Plan?

    You can easily include your employees in the system and carry out their deductions for BES through the definitions and transactions included in the standard package. In addition, you can contract transactions and process the collection of contributions to be recorded for contracts, and you can easily query the current status of your participants via the Logo Netsis 3 Payroll Auto Participation module. The Logo Netsis 3 Payroll Auto Participation module is integrated with AvivaSA, Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik, and Allianz Yaşam ve Emeklilik.