Robotic coding labs

Logo launched robotic coding labs in 2019 in line with the importance it attaches to the quality education, gender equality, and decent work and economic growth items among the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The initiative was carried out with the contributions of All Children are Our Children Association (BÇBD) and Atölye Vizyon to fulfil social responsibilities and to inspire future software developers.

Robotic coding labs official opening took place in Logo’s Gebze campus, then at ŞişliMareşal Fevzi Çakmak Pakmaya Primary School and at Şehit Fikret Metin Öztürk Primary School with the support of Logo’s 7 Business Partners. Furthermore, thanks to Logo Renk Club’s support, the robotic coding lab was built at Harmantepe Secondary School with 21 computers. As of today, these robotic coding workshops have managed to reach more than 2,000 children and with the support of Logo Business Partners and its ecosystem, the target is to spread the initiative all around Turkey.

Coding labs teaches coding to children by implementing fun methods and teamwork, and further aims to impact their future lives from today by developing their imagination, mechanical aptitudes and analytical skills. In the 32-week-long robotics programming training for children of 8-10 age group, there are workshops on 3D design, different drawing methods, algorithm creation, 3D material organization, robot building with the use of sensors, understanding the logic of the “if ... then” concept, interactive games and stories creation, and use of graphical programming blocks.

Digital labs

During the pandemic period, the curriculum of the in-class trainings in the labs was transformed into online education in guidance of All Children are Our Children Association (BÇBD) and Atölye Vizyon

Maker Sets including a computer, internet package, pinoo card, light sensor, buzzer module, sensors and modules such as RJ-11 cable and disposables such as cardboard, handcrafted paper, silicon. The lessons that started with 6 students from Gebze Ülkem Primary School were expanded and reached the schools in Elazig and Antalya.

Children create inventions such as traffic light application, robot with led-light, barrier application, waving robot, burglar alarm, parking sensor, smart flowerpot, smart walking stick, laundry drying application in the workshops, which are held with online workshops for 4 weeks.

Investment for the future with CSR projects focusing on education

  • As a part of the Anatolian Scholarship project, which aims to spread qualified education on a grassroots level, two female students from Koç University were awarded with the Logo Scholarship.
  • 10 successful students at the M. Tuğrul Tekbulut Information Technology Vocational High School were awarded with scholarships.

Logo employees support education in cooperation with Logo in various CSR projects

  • Logo collaborated with Steptember Turkey to support children with Celebral Palsy, Logo employees took 5,567,549 steps. Logo became in top 5 fundraising companies. Thus, they supported 84 children's educational needs.
  • Both Logo employees and Logo Yazılım Corporate supported the Darüşşafaka Society's aid campaign with the theme “If it is a Matter of Education, we Race to Help.” through the Step by Step family, Run after Kindness Platform. Thus, it became one of the 6 companies that raised the most donations and covered 1-year online education budget of 15 children.
  • Logo employees teach topics such as Computer Culture, MS-Office, HTML and CSS to M. Tuğrul Tekbulut Bilişim Teknik Vocational High School students after school hours. In addition, Python and Introduction to Data Science classes are also given at Gebze Bilsem (Science and Art Education Center), which M. Tuğrul Tekbulut Bilişim Technical Vocational High School’s gifted students attend during after school hours.