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The cloud-based Document Management securely facilitates and speeds up document management thanks to its features, such as the structure that needs no setup and additional cost, and document search and share functions, and secure data storage on the cloud based in Turkey.

Cloud technology requiring no further investment 

Cloud-based solutions provide a key advantage by eliminating the setup cost in particular. Requiring no additional hardware such as a server or setting up an individual software on company computers, the Document Management Service is put into use immediately, eliminating any hardware maintenance cost. 

Secure use enabled by the Logo expertise

Any data stored on the cloud is always protected under the guarantee of Logo who uses the latest technologies in cloud solutions and increases its extensive experience gradually. So, there are no security vulnerabilities such as the loss or sharing of data in the Document Management Service with any authorized person. Additionally, all the data is stored in Turkey, not transferred to cloud environments abroad.

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  • Access at any time from anywhere

    Available in desktops or laptops, tablets or smart phones, the Logo Document Management Service makes it possible to execute processes regardless of time and place thanks to its seamless online access. In addition, it is possible to upload data to the cloud from mobile devices.

  • Most secure environment to protect the business continuity from all threats

    Storing documents on company servers brings about the possibility of a cyber attack, no matter how advanced the corporate data security applications are. In addition, the hitches arising from natural disasters or human-induced mistakes can be an element of threat to document security and thus to business continuity. The Document Management Service provides extra protection against all threats thanks to the storage of documents on the cloud.

  • Searching for documents made easy

    Finding a specific document among the many documents accumulated at companies over the years is one of the most time-consuming procedures. The advanced search and full text search function of the Document Management Service allows you to find what you are looking for quickly and easily, no matter how large your document archive is, which reduces your workload. 

  • Instant document grouping by Smart Folders

    Enabling you to categorize documents in any way of your choice, the Document Management Service offers the opportunity to instantly categorize documents located at different points, based on metadata fields. Thus, categorization can be performed temporarily to work on specific documents, allowing to switch back to the folder structure at any time.

  • Contribution of effective document management to organizational memory

    Document Management Service additionally provides management of documents along with different versions, beyond storing them. Offering metadata management additionally, this solution makes corporate data further detailed and easy to find. New metadata fields can also be easily defined. This literally turns the information in all documents into organizational memory.

  • Ability to view documents without downloading

    If it is not required to work on the document, any images or videos or PDF or Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) files can be viewed online from stationary or mobile devices.

  • Secure and fast document sharing

    Document Management Service allows for the easy sharing of any intended file or document with internal or external stakeholders, regardless of its size. Sharing is possible either indefinitely or within a time limit. No document gets lost within e-mail messages thanks to the ability to send documents directly through the system without using the e-mail service. 

  • Extra security offered by authorization-based working spaces

    Thanks to the Document Management Service that allows user authorizations to be defined, corporate documents can only be added, viewed or edited by authorized users. In addition, all activities on the document can be tracked at any time through extensive control reports. 

  • Mobile app advantage

    Easy to use on all mobile devices running on Android and iOS operating systems as well as stationary PCs, Document Management Service provides access to documents anytime and anywhere. While continuous document monitoring is enabled by push notifications, it is possible to transfer pictures and videos from mobile devices to the system. Thanks to the offline mode, documents can be viewed even in case of Internet connection. 

  • Direct document transfer from e-mail

    Document Management Service can be integrated in to Office365 and Gmail e-mail accounts. Thus, any e-mails and attachments coming to the defined mail boxes are transferred to the system directly.

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