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With cloud-based Logo İşbaşı, which allows easy access to bookkeeping operations from anywhere at any time, small-businesses can keep their business constantly under control.

Cloud technology in bookkeeping operations

Thanks to the Invoice Monitoring, Order Monitoring, Income-Expense Monitoring, Stock Monitoring, Check Entry, Current Account Monitoring, Cash Register-Bank Monitoring, e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice features of Logo İşbaşı, operations can be performed from anywhere via computers, tablets or smart phones with Internet access, which creates labor and cost savings.

Ease of subscription and use 

You can immediately start using Logo İşbaşı without the need for any training by subscribing easily through the website. You can simply download the Logo İşbaşı application from Google Play and AppStore to use it both on iOS and Android mobile platforms. Thanks to the specially designed menu and page structure of Logo İşbaşı, the data in sections such as reports, expenses, income etc. can all be seen clearly. Also, as the invoice design is the same as paper invoices, it is very easy to quickly adapt to this solution.



  • Instant submission of customized invoices

    Thanks to Logo İşbaşı’s invoice templates, business-specific invoices may be designed easily via the drag-and-drop method. Using cloud technology, invoices may be created in seconds either at the office or in the field with the customer and sent via applications such as e-mail or WhatsApp. And, the users of e-Invoice may also deliver e-Invoices to their customers instantly.  

  • Effective invoice management

    With Logo İşbaşı, invoices may be categorized and saved according to your requirements and then they can be listed in detail according to criteria such as category, company title, invoice number, invoice amount and due date. Thus, invoice follow-up and reporting becomes much easier and faster. Invoice lists can be exported to Excel and sent directly to the accountant.      

  • Voice-commanded invoice

    With the Voice Command feature provided in Logo İşbaşı, invoice information may be transferred verbally to the system. Thus, it becomes possible to easily create invoices in any environment with just a few words and send them to customers as e-Invoices or print-outs.         

  • Self-employed invoice

    Logo İşbaşı meets the invoice requirements of the self-employed, too. Businesses which issue self-employed invoices are able to design their invoices easily with templates and print or send these invoices online whenever required, just like any business issuing an invoice. 

  • Accurate tracking of current accounts

    Customer and supplier information kept in Excel files can be easily imported to Logo İşbaşı. Collections, payments and debt-credit transactions can be added to these accounts at any time, from anywhere. Thus, it becomes possible to keep secure and up-to-date records of current accounts in the cloud environment. While it is possible to share current account extracts with customers and suppliers quickly, each record is classified into separate categories to facilitate reporting processes.                                      

  • Summary reports

    Reports such as sales performance, purchases, expenses, and VAT accrual amounts can be quickly summarized by Logo İşbaşı as per the desired date range and document type. Thus, you can assess the performance of the business clearly. Also, the charts in Logo İşbaşı that visualize the financial conditions help to plan the near future more effectively and quickly.  

  • Effective tracking of sales, collections, checks and expenses

    Logo İşbaşı allows the tracking of sales and collections performed in any environment. It is also possible to track expenses and payments easily by classifying them into different categories or groups. In connection with income and expenses, it is possible to monitor all cash inflow and outflow transactions in cash/bank accounts defined in Logo İşbaşı from anywhere either in Turkish Lira or foreign currency, and thus to keep the cash status under control.  

  • Instant stock activities

    By entering product information and stock numbers into Logo İşbaşı, stock status is automatically updated after every purchase and sale. Thus, any problems caused by incorrect or missing stock records are prevented. Stock numbers can be monitored by performing entry-exit operations for products other than sales and purchases through the system, too. Thanks to Logo İşbaşı’s cloud-based structure, it is possible to access this information from anywhere. 

  • Free support while switching over to e-Invoice and e-Archive invoice

    Logo İşbaşı provides e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice solutions as an additional service. With these solutions provided by the assurance of eLogo, which has the most extensive customer network throughout Turkey, it is possible to achieve savings on expenses such as print paper, printing and cargo in addition to the ease of operation. The support that may be required in the transition to the e-Invoice and e-Archive Invoice solutions is provided free of charge by Logo İşbaşı.

  • Continuously updated features

    Logo İşbaşı is constantly developed and updated as per the requirements and these updates are offered to users free of charge. The fact that this solution is used via web means that the up-to-date version is always available without requiring any additional action. And for mobile applications, updates are sent to devices, and if the automatic update option is turned on, you may use the latest applications without requiring any additional action.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I use Logo İşbaşı?

    To register for Logo İşbaşı, click the “Free Registry” button on website and enter the required information on the displayed registration form. After activating your account by clicking on the link provided in the e-mail sent to your address, you may use the application either from the web or your mobile phone for 14 days free of charge.

  • Should I receive training to use Logo İşbaşı?

    Logo İşbaşı is designed with a simple interface to provide ease of use. Anyone capable of using computer can log in to the system and easily perform the required operations.

  • How can I get support?

    You may access free support services provided by our Customer Services team by sending an e-mail to, by writing an online message in the Live Support section of the application or by calling the phone numbers 0850 281 88 00 and 0262 679 88 00 from 08:30 to 17:30 on weekdays.

  • Can I use Logo İşbaşı application without internet connection?

    Logo İşbaşı is a cloud-based application. You should have an internet connection to access your account. Data entered in Logo İşbaşı is kept in the cloud and you can access data from anywhere at any time with your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

  • What are the subscription contents and fees for Logo İşbaşı?

    You can find our current subscription fees from the Prices section on the website. After or during the 14-day trial period, you may purchase your subscription by clicking the “My Subscription Information” on the “My Company Information” menu or from the website.

  • Where do you keep my data?

    Data entered to Logo İşbaşı is kept with the assurance provided by Logo. As your data is kept in a cloud-based environment, you can access your application data through a different computers, tablets or smart phone when your computer is stolen, broken down or has crashed.

  • Can I back up my data?

    You do not require an extra data backup process as your data is backed up instantly in the cloud. If you still want to make a backup, you can save all of your data on your computer or on an external hard drive by exporting it in Excel format under the relevant sections.

  • Can I issue an invoice from my mobile phone, too?

    When you download our mobile application to your iOS or Android mobile phone, you can perform every operation that can be performed on the web. Moreover, you can easily issue your invoices by voice command by shaking your phone with the voice command invoice feature, which is provided for the first time in Turkey.

  • Can I send the expense records I have entered into the system to my accountant?

    Yes, by clicking on the “Export to Excel” button on the page that opens when you click the “Expenses” menu, you can export the details of the transaction you have entered and share these details with your accountant. You can also define your accountant as a user in the system and allow them to see your data instantly. 

  • Can I import my current information as a whole, while I migrate from another software to Logo İşbaşı?

    Yes, a sample Excel file will be displayed when you click the “Import Data from Excel” button from the relevant menu. You can import the Excel file you have prepared as per this file format.

  • Can I track my cash and bank accounts?

    You can track the details of your cash and bank account transactions created in Logo İşbaşı from the relevant “Cash-Bank” activities.

  • Can I create reports for transactions made in the Logo İşbaşı application?

    Yes, you can access the required sales, purchase, expense summary or VAT reports from the reports menu. 

  • Which transactions can I perform with the mobile application?

    Logo İşbaşı is designed to meet your requirements to the maximum level. Thus, any transaction that can be performed on the web can also be performed with the mobile application. 

  • Do I have to purchase credits in addition to the Logo İşbaşı e-Invoice/e-Archive Invoice Package which I purchased?

    No, you have the right to freely use up to 100 credits per month when you purchase the package. 

  • Can I send e-Invoices/e-Archive Invoices with Logo İşbaşı?

    Yes, you can start to use e-Invoices either via web or mobile phone with the Logo İşbaşı e-Invoice/e-Archive Invoice Package. 

  • Can I send e-Invoices/e-Archive Invoices with Logo İşbaşı?

    Yes, you can start to use e-Invoices either via web or mobile phone with the Logo İşbaşı e-Invoice/e-Archive Invoice Package. 

  • How can I issue an e-Invoice/e-Archive Invoice?

    If you have an e-Invoice/e-Archive Invoice Package, you can send your invoice by following the steps for issuing an invoice. Your e-Invoice or e-Archive Invoice will be sent automatically as per the Tax ID recorded while issuing the invoice.

  • How should I enter my incoming e-Invoices into Logo İşbaşı?

    When you select the relevant customer/supplier from the Purchase Invoices menu, all the e-Invoices received from that company will be listed. You can select the relevant invoice from here and enter it to the system.

  • What is the cost of switching to e-Invoice/e-Archive Invoice in Logo İşbaşı?

    You have to purchase this module in order to use e-Invoice/e-Archive Invoice service via Logo İşbaşı. You can find our current prices from the Prices page on website.