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Designed for medium-sized and large businesses with comprehensive production activities, Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise offers sustainable efficiency in production by simplifying processes and effectively meeting all needs in production processes with its wide range of functions.

Practical and low-cost management 
Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise provides quality and efficiency to business processes of manufacturing businesses in particular, and allows practical and low-cost management of all operations. Information flows between units therefore consist of accurate and up-to-date information, and complicated business processes are simplified and streamlined. 

Single-point access  
With Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise, all activities, from procurement processes to customer relations management can be run from a single point, in a consistent manner. This contributes to the sustainable performance of the business. Thanks to single-pointed access, users can have simultaneous communication among themselves, saving time and lowering the level of unnecessary communication. 

A flexible solution 
In addition to its standard modules that respond to many needs, Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise offers optional modules that contain custom solutions for businesses in different sectors. This way, all medium-sized and large businesses can create the optimum ERP package for their needs.          


  • Designed for ease of use

    With an interface redesigned on the basis of use feedback, Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise offers high ease of use. The desktop of Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise can be easily personalized with the drag & drop feature, and external links can be added. Features such as background customizations, single-point display of all functions, and functional search button add to the comfort offered by the solution. 

  • Custom functions for the needs of all businesses

    In addition to its standard modules, Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise can be enhanced with apps and widgets developed by Logo and Logo Solution Partners so that businesses can create a function cluster with just the features they need. 

  • Flexibility for strong financial performance

    Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise offers a flexible foreign exchange system and reporting structure to provide a strong foundation for financial performance to businesses that operate both locally and internationally. In addition, the ability to access up-to-date profitability analyses and define collection plans provide a flexibility that responds to all kinds of needs. Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise can prepare and submit Ba-Bs reconciliations with a single click, and perform risk monitoring and issue electronic warnings within the framework of set limits and rules. 

  • Effective foreign trade systems

    Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise provides efficiency in import and export transactions, and allows transactions to be carried out in better compliance with legal requirements. Using the Foreign Trade module, all liabilities can be monitored in compatibility and integration with other processes such as accounting, finance, purchasing, sales and distribution.   

  • simplifies and streamlines

    Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise allows for invoicing in foreign currencies as well as Turkish liras and monitoring of foreign currency payments, and significantly simplifies the overseas operations of businesses. The entire process, beginning with the creation of all the paperwork required for the orders and delivery, and lasting until the completion of a timely delivery, can be managed in an integrated manner.

  • Easier procurement management with automated processes

    With the features it offers, Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise improves the quality and reliability of the process of selecting suppliers. It automates the cycle of receiving, evaluating, comparing, and deciding on offers from suppliers, and standardizes approval mechanisms and paper flow processes. It provides time and cost savings with these features. 

  • Optimization in production processes

    Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise optimizes production processes, and allows phase-based management, monitoring, and reporting. With its production planning methods, it calculates material requirements prior to production, and effectively distributes the workload by managing the efficiency of machinery, thereby ensuring timely delivery of orders. Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise allows adding quality control results to materials and operations, improving production processes and minimizing errors. 

  • Better-quality stock operations

    Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise offers advantages to businesses in stock operations too. With the Stock Control module, which allows creating and monitoring of stock targets and strategies, controlling stock costs, and tracking real time stock values and levels, products can be tracked easily thanks to levels of hierarchy and the material classification feature designed for different ranges of products. While materials can be tracked with an unlimited number of units, thanks to the feature of monitoring with different units, reporting can be performed via a single unit with the conversion coefficients feature. The matrix interface can monitor the same type of materials based on different criteria, meaning that a change that concerns thousands of materials can be updated by changing only a single definition.                           

  • Compliance with legislation

    Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise can directly create the financial and tax reporting required for a specified period in line with the Turkish Financial Reporting Standards (TFRS) as per the Turkish Trade Code. With the feature of two-way control of operational transactions and accounting records, Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise provides system consistency and minimizes user error. The e-Tax Return options of Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise, on the other hand, allows automatic submission of the prepared tax returns to the Revenue Administration. Financial tables and reports in the general accounting transactions, using the local currency and reporting currency, respond to all your needs in this field, whereas expense centers and project cards can be used for management-related reporting. 

  • Monitoring fixed assets

    The Fixed Asset Monitoring module of Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise, which allows for easy monitoring of processes such as purchasing, debiting to personnel, and disposing of fixed assets, offers multiple amortization tables.  Amortization can be calculated in local currency according to the Tax Procedure Law, in reporting currency according to international reporting, and in local currency according to the TFRS, and transferred to accounting through separate accounts.

  • Central and effective management

    With its Finance Management module, Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise offers an effective management process to groups comprising multiple companies. Group-level profitability can be calculated, inventory can be viewed as a whole, and cashflow can be analyzed for every company. 

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Frequently asked questions

  • Which databases are supported for Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise?

    Oracle and MS SQL Server databases are supported.

  • Does the Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise product have a production module?

    Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise has Fast Production and Advanced Production modules. The Fast Production module allows for the fast and practical monitoring of entry, consumption, and waste transactions in production, and changes in material status as a result of production. Fast production and Group Dismantling operations are made using this module.
    The Advanced Production module, on the other hand, allows for detailed production monitoring such as defining detailed schedules of materials, engineering changes and revision transactions, defining bills without routes, defining contract production bills, work stations, employees and shifts, production order tracking, contract production tracking, calculating costs of planned, realized, and differentiated production orders, and calculating cost accounting on the basis of machine hours, man-hours, or amounts.

  • Can I plan production for the orders/requests received?

    MPS (Master Production Scheduling), MRP (Material Requirement Planning), CTP (Capable to Promise), Resource Scheduling, and Production Order Scheduling can be done with the Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise product.

  • Can labor and general expenses be loaded to the product in production?

    Yes. With the Cost Accounting module, detailed production information can be loaded, such as calculating cost accounting on the basis of machine hours, man-hours, or amounts.

  • I would like to manage my contract production transactions. Does Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise meet this need?

    You can define contract production bills of materials and monitor control production using the Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise solution. a

  • Can I use Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise to monitor my import/export transactions?

    With the Foreign Trade Module of Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise, you can perform cost accounting of import/epxort transactions and foreign trade movements, in line with legal requirements and the needs of companies in free trade zones. In addition, you can track export credits and Inward Processing Authorization Certificates, and enter and track e-Export transactions.

  • Can I track on the basis of TFRS?

    You can automatically create TFRS correction records, prepare optional TFRS correction forms, and do financial and tax reporting for the selected period in line with TFRS standards as per the Turkish Trade Code. 

  • I also need e-Solutions such as e-Dispatch, e-Invoice, e-Archive and e-Ledger. Can I use them?

    The Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise solution is integrated with Logo e-Solutions.

  • Can I enter invoices into the SGK system with e-Invoice?

    Yes. Firms working with SGK can issue e-invoices from the program using the Logo e-Invoice application.

  • Can I use the program in a language other than Turkish?

    The Turkish and English languages are standardly available in the Logo Tiger 3 Enterprise solution. If you like, you can also use other language options by purchasing them.