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Turn your data into meaningful ınformation for your company

The data generated during business operations, but which does not make any sense on its own, is transformed into meaningful and useful information thanks to the business analytics solutions. The Business Analytics Solutions portfolio offered by Logo enables the visualization, analysis and reporting of all data collected by businesses. This portfolio also includes budgeting solution. Therefore, companies that benefit from the Logo Business Analytics Solutions are looking at the future more confidently with data-based decisions.

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The digital age has resulted in the generation of an unprecedented amount of data. Business Analytics makes it possible to analyze and report this data, which is very important to understand consumer behavior and to evaluate organizational performance. Thus, with more accurate information and faster response capacity, businesses gain greater flexibility. A business analytics solution that rapidly and diligently processes data obtained from tens of different sources instantly provides much-needed information at critical moments, strengthening decision-making mechanisms.  

Medium-sized and large businesses can utilize Business Analytics solutions.  

Business Analytics solutions should not be evaluated solely on the basis of their visualization abilities. Scalability, analysis capacity, ability to make prediction-based inferences, data reliability and data security are just as important as the visual capabilities of a solution. Preferring solutions that can offer reports based on instant data with a user-friendly design would help executives make better decisions. 

Logo Business Analytics Solutions
Aiming to maximize the return on business analytics investments, Logo cooperates with Qlik, one of the leading producers of Business Analytics solutions in the world. 

Logo’s Business Analytics portfolio enables the visualization, analysis and reporting of all data collected by businesses. With these solutions, which can be used via web or mobile applications, businesses can make future plans with greater confidence. 

This portfolio also provides automation of budgeting processes, as well as improving budget reliability and financial results. Businesses look to the future with a lot more confidence by utilizing the power of automation and business analytics. 

Data analysis and reporting

With the data analysis and reporting solutions offered by Logo, easily analyze and effectively visualize and report your data to improve your decision-making mechanisms.

  • Data integration and central management of data
  • Self-service visualization and analysis
  • Strong analysis infrastructure
  • Ability to create scenarios
  • Ready-made reports
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Budget management

With Logo Mind Budget, manage your budget in a fast, flexible, and secure manner.

  • Time and labor savings in preparing budgets
  • Ability to compare target and actual budgets
  • Consolidation of different budgets
  • Easy budget design with Excel workbook logic
  • Creating budgets in foreign currencies
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