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With Logo Diva CHANNEL, manage your sales channel with cloud flexibility and capture the power of digital transformation.

In channel structures that consist of units such as chain stores, branches, franchise sale points, or dealers, agility and flexibility are required to be able to control structure effectively, and to keep up with the ever-increasing speed of the retail world. This in turn requires a retail-oriented, cloud-based, fast, and efficient solution equipped with the latest technology. This solution should include many channel management applications ranging from stock management to optimization, from real-time monitoring of all branches or dealers in the channel, to reporting, from product transfers between stores to branch-based campaign planning, and from logistics processes to customer satisfaction activities.

Offering Logo’s innovative technologies with cloud infrastructure, Logo Diva CHANNEL provides fast and efficient merchandising solutions to retail companies engaging in channel management with multiple dealers or branches. From the moment of deployment, Logo Diva CHANNEL takes companies one step further in the journey for digital transformation, can be scaled based on requirements, provides efficient channel management between the head office and branches or franchises, makes front office and back office applications faster, more reliable, and easier to monitor, and allows the proper management of data flow for the entire channel. 

  • Cloud technology that doesn’t require any investment
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Real-time communication between head office and the dealer/branch
  • Comprehensive payment and campaign options
  • Mobile use
  • Integration with e-Solutions