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The Logo B2B ordering system manages the ordering processes of dealers and the center, by running as a direct integration with Logo ERP solutions.

Full integration and customizable structure
Integrated with Logo ERP products, the Logo B2B ordering system can be customized based on the requirements of enterprises. The current account statement, the status and history of their orders can be viewed on Logo B2B. In order processes carried out through a multi-staged approval mechanism, the risk of the current account can also be analyzed in real time. In addition to the capability to enter returns and samples into the system, it is possible to make transactions and extract reports in the order system via the internet. Dealers are also able to view and monitor all this information on their pages. Allowing the payment of the order to be made through the system, Logo B2B manages orders end to end. 


  • Entries of center orders and the dealers

    Thanks to Logo B2B, dealers can place orders and make payments on the internet, and sales representatives in the center can place orders on behalf of customers. During order entries, orders can also be filtered based on their category.

  • Ordering via mobile devices and tablets

    The responsive interface, which is automatically adapted to the screen size, allows dealers to easily place orders, make payments, and view account statements via mobile devices. Sales representatives in the center are also able to receive orders 24/7 and review customized reports through mobile devices .

  • Functional, fast and practical

    With the product filtering and smart search features in Logo B2B, dealers can easily find the product they’re looking for and transform it into an order with a single click. Orders can also be tracked effortlessly through a single page. 

  • Integration with payment modules

    Dealers are able to instantly pay for the order they placed in the system. In the system, which is integrated with payment systems such as Logo Pay and Netahsilat orders, orders can also be placed using EFT, DBS, and Open Account Payment methods.

  • Real-time stock amounts and campaigns

    Thanks to the capability to view stock amounts in real-time, customers can be redirected to products in stock. In addition, the visible stock management feature allows the desired stock information to be revealed for designated products or product groups. Campaigns that are defined in the ERP system are automatically applied for the order, allowing dealers to be instantly aware of discounts and promotions that they can benefit from.

  • Integration with Logo ERP solutions

    Fully integrated with Logo ERP, Logo B2B enables data defined in the ERP system to be used without re-definition in the application. Similarly, the information defined in the application is also automatically transferred to Logo ERP. Hence, there is no need to enter any extra data in any of the two solutions. 

  • Reporting and dashboard structure

    Many reports such as Order Reports, and Customer Current Account Statements, provide easy access to the desired information and ready-made reports. Thanks to the Logo B2B reporting and dashboard infrastructure, customized reports can easily be created and also shared with dealers as required. Dashboards designed based on groups of roles also enable dealers to view campaign announcements on their home pages.

  • Order approval mechanism

    With approval processes that can be designed based on business requirements, orders received from dealers can be kept under control. Orders of current customers, that are above risk or DBS limits, or the orders of current customers who work based on EFT/money orders or open accounts, can be checked and approved.

  • Customizable interfaces and business rules

    Thanks to the customizable infrastructure of Logo B2B, the themes and business rules can be customized based on specific companies. These customizations enable the creation of a field sales management which is integrated with the ERP solution.

  • Planning and follow-up for sales representatives visitations

    The routes to be used by sales representatives for their visits can easily be planned via the drag and drop method in Logo B2B and these visits can be tracked through the system.

  • User authorization

    The sales team, and employees of the dealers can access Logo B2B in line with their individual authorization, securing the reliability of data as well as transactions.

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